Шнуров купил жене «Лабутены» по цене авто

The actor admitted that his beloved wife he did not mind.

The Cord and of Matilda’s life, and the illustration for the songs of the group “Leningrad”… No wonder that recently during a trip to Los Angeles Shoe collection of his wife replenished the principal exhibits.

Before the exhibition van Gogh the couple have not yet reached – there was no time, but to make a landmark purchase of still managed.

The musician was generous and bought the couple of Christian Louboutin shoes from the limited collection 2016 release. This means that each pair costs about 3-5 thousand dollars. That is, the Cord for the new clothes his beloved wife has posted no less than 400 000 rubles! And perhaps the amount passed and over half a million. Someone much is the car, by the way!..

Elite footwear was a gift for the next wedding anniversary, which Sergey and Matilda was celebrated July 31. Recall that the couple got married in St. Petersburg in 2010 and is legally married for six years.

By the way, Sergey immediately admitted that the Matilda he is not sorry any money. And if necessary, he is ready to live in poverty and hanging out at “McDonald’s”.

Apparently, in proof of this fact Cord posted on his Instagram a photo of yourself sitting on the sidelines with fast food, standing on the ground.

However, it would be naive to think that a musician on the whims of the spouses has spent the last. Suffice it to recall that according to the recent estimates of the authoritative magazine Forbes, he was among the three most influential celebrities, and its annual income amounted to $ 11 million! If you count even the most rare and superexpensive “louboutins”, enough money to Sergey for at least another 20 pairs.

The more that work is ongoing: concerts at the “Lenigrada” are held regularly and always sells out. So it’s safe to say that the trendy new clothes for the couple and other fun Cord literally sang “louboutins”.

By the way, the video for the song about Sergei Shnurov and the van Gogh exhibit a few months to beat the records of popularity on the Internet and in the end scored 84 million views! After such a boom to represent the wife of iconic musician without shoes would be weird.

However, many models in the spring-summer collection of Christian Louboutin is equipped with a very large and dangerous looking thorns. So beloved wife, Sergei is now better not to worry and in no case do not show, otherwise possible injuries.

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