Cords harshly criticized Shevchuk

Шнуров жестко раскритиковал Шевчука On the page, the musician turned to Yuri Yulianovich in verse form. Do not hesitate in expressions, Cords said that music and Shevchuk “dreary” and “awkward”, so I concluded that it is better to listen Alla Pugacheva.

Sergey Shnurov and Yury Shevchuk, both of Petersburg, both play rock, but were never friends. Actually, previously they have not publicly commented on the creativity of each other. However, last week, Yuri Shevchuk, in an interview with blogger Yuri Dude openly criticized the leader of group “Leningrad”. Answering the question, not whether he is jealous of Sergei Shnurov, Yuri Yulianovich unexpectedly announced that the music of the St. Petersburg band he doesn’t like and never liked rebuked his excessive use of profanity, and quite seriously called “Leningrad” – pop.

“They never liked me. After all, they had long been living. I always hear a little music. Little rock, more pop music like this… that what I need in music, the promise of an intellectual,” said Shevchuk in an interview.

Cords in debt left and responded immediately. First a monologue in which he compared the hit “DDT” thug song “Pigeons fly over our zone.” And now in verse: “I’m sorry, Yuri, I don’t rock, because I rock, I’m sorry, Yuri. As losers, not having learned the lesson, do Not portend songs I storm. And even in my youth, when I was hairy, not A cynical, drunken face, And did not swear so horrible mate, Already believed that DDT sucks, the title, your beautiful face, they pose a terrible longing,” wrote Cords.

24 lines removenode treatment Sergey Shnurov and used obscene words and said that the song Shevchuk absolutely not remembered. Finished the Cord with a bow to the prima Donna:

“I will ask the question, well, what are you? How is it possible? Well this is our almost Holy? I’ll listen to “iceberg” Alla Pugacheva, And can not be compared with the typical Dtoi”, code poetic treatment of Sergei Shnurov, Yuri Shevchuk.