Cord responded to the attacks, prosecutors quote from the decree of Peter I

Шнур ответил на нападки прокуроров цитатой из указа Петра I

The St. Petersburg Prosecutor’s office began checking the clip “Peter – to drink: Cord accused of promoting alcoholism. But the musician is holding a blow.

On his page on “Instagrame” Sergey already posted the excerpt from the old Soviet film “Peter the First”, in which the first Russian Emperor calls upon his subjects to drink vodka without any hesitation.

Video posted by Sergey Shnurov (@shnurovs) 23 May 2016 at 5:01 PDT

For greater persuasiveness of the Cord complements the video with a quote from Peter’s I decree in which the Emperor-the Emperor openly supports unrestrained drunkenness: “Food consumed moderately heavy belly dance is not obstacle to take. Potion to drink ad libitum, inasmuch as the feet keep: bude refuse to drink sitting. Lying not hold, so as not drowned, at least asked. Choking is the glory, for this is the death of honor in Russia since ancient times”.

Quote Sergei has supplied a characteristic tag: #apiterapii. Thus, the musician, apparently trying to convince prosecutors of his innocence. Like, to drink in St. Petersburg commanded his founder.

However, prosecutors also did not intend to retreat. After all, disgruntled by the clip day by day becoming more: the first movie was indignant the Deputy-the Communist Rashkin, then to the Prosecutor wrote the great Patriotic war veterans and the citizens of St. Petersburg who survived the siege of Leningrad: they also thought that the Cord began to play and rhymes too freely of vodka and the beloved city.

Well, the last straw, apparently, was an appeal to the Prosecutor of the Deputy of the Petersburg legislative Assembly Evgeny Marchenko. He, like all of the above, wrote a letter to the city Prosecutor’s office and even the requirement to check shnurovsky clip for the promotion of alcoholism.

And here militiamen responded. Today the city Prosecutor’s office confirmed that in fact the treatment of Marchenko being tested. Apparently in this matter there are all the other letters from the rest of the indignant deputies and residents of the city.

Itself Cords has yet to respond to the actions of prosecutors, but knowing Sergey, there is no doubt, as soon as they come to him, he immediately notify the whole world. So follow the “Instagram” of the musician.

A scandalous video meanwhile, continues to gain in popularity: to date the clip of “Peter – to drink” was watched by nearly 10 million people. And this week in St. Petersburg to start commercial trips to places of “fighting glory “Leningrad”: the organizers promise to roll everyone to the limo to addresses and locations, where was filmed the famous video.

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