Cord, Queen, Kobzon: who will go on “Eurovision-2017”

Шнур, Королева, Кобзон: кто поедет на «Евровидение-2017»

Next year the contest “Eurovision” will be held in Ukraine, in the country of the participant-winner. Despite the fact that until may 2017 a lot more time Russian artists have already offered their candidatures for participation in the competition. The list, admittedly, already turned out impressive: the Cord, the Queen, Kobzon… Tell why each of them deserves to represent our country!

Iosif Kobzon

People’s artist of USSR and State Duma Deputy Iosif Kobzon said that would go on “the Eurovision-2017” from Russia, if Kiev expelled him from the sanctions list. While singing in Ukraine, Joseph Davydovych intends only in Ukrainian, his native language.

“Ukraine is my Motherland and I am ready to sing in the Ukrainian language. But my arrival frightened the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and other people close to him”, – said Kobzon.

Natasha Koroleva

Volunteered to represent Russia at the contest and singer of Ukrainian origin Natasha Koroleva.

“I would be happy to perform at the contest “Eurovision” in Ukraine, that, being a native Ukrainian, to represent Russia for the revival of millennial friendship and love between our fraternal peoples,” – wrote Natasha in his microblog.

The singer also admitted that in February she acted as the Director of the video for that same song Jamala, which became the winner of “Eurovision-2016”. The video became the creative work of Natasha for admission in New York Film Academy. Read more HERE.

Sergey Shnurov

But the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergei Shnurov himself has put forward Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. On his page on “Twitter” (the authenticity of this account is confirmed officially), he wrote: “to Win will not win, but somewhere all of them will send”.

Shnurova idea Rogozin liked, and he immediately said the Deputy Prime Minister on his page in Instagram. My trip to Eurovision Cord compared with fantastic journey “in a terrible European Kingdom” and noted that “Russian people, like a fairytale hero, addresses him, that is to the Cord, as to the “evil spirits of a lower order together to defeat absolute evil fairy in his fabulous lair”.

Who do you think should come from our country on “Eurovision-2017”?

  • Joseph Davydovich – the best candidate!
  • Natasha Koroleva let him go. She’s all cheer
  • Only the Cord needs to represent our country
  • More. Write in the comments

Sergey Lazarev – people’s artist

Meanwhile, actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya published a post on a social network, in which he proposed to support her idea by assigning to Sergey Lazarev the title of national artist.

The results of the contest “Eurovision 2016” does not discuss only the lazy. Well or very indifferent to world events. Despite the fact that music critics and bookmakers predicted our Sergey Lazarev victory, he became the third. Journalists joke: the audience voted for Russia, a professional jury – in Australia, and was won by the Ukraine.

Of course, the issue of Ukrainian singer Jamala was very even not bad. Her victory is well deserved. But how about the fact that the competition in next year will now be held in Kiev?

Ukrainian authorities warned that the money for the event organization, they have and they hope for assistance of the European Union. Not without provocative statements. Verkhovna Rada Deputy Anton Gerashchenko announced that the competition will not be able to get those candidates from Russia, which does not agree with the current political course of the square. Read more HERE.

This showing, of course, is contrary to the rules of the contest. Organizers have repeatedly stated that “the Eurovision” should not interfere with politics.

By the way!

Europeans are outraged by the jury voting and the results of the competition. Moreover, the Europeans are preparing a petition for review of the results of the contest “Eurovision 2016” . It has already signed about 200 thousand people!

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