Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит» The girl was born in a creative family. Father Alexey Makarov, mother Victoria Bohatyryova, grandmother Lyubov Polishchuk – artists. No wonder the girl Cooking in the future plans to go down the same path.
Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит»

Barbara learns in the first grade and don’t miss the films with the participation of famous dads. The series premiere of “Girls do not give up” Alexey Makarov, the main role was held last week on channel STS. Cooking told to “StarHit”, what desserts she can cook and why he misses classes on the French language.

Crazy stick

Do you like school?
Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит»Yes and no. It happens that teachers sometimes yell at the boys for running around and behaving badly. I don’t really like it when you raise your voice. But in General, all satisfied.—
Got a favorite subject?
Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит»Yes! Physical education. We have the good teacher.—
Make friends with anyone?
Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит»Eve Novikova. Before, when we had walked on the street, asked mom also to come with us. And they became friends.
Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит»
Tell me about your Hobbies.
Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит»I draw. One depicted the forest and the starry sky. Turned out nice and bright. In addition, make dolls out of felt.—
What you want to be?
Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит»Actress, artist, and pastry chef. Cook for mom cocktails, cakes and all sorts of Goodies.REVIEW MOM: “Daughter finds videos on the Internet, and then reproduces what he saw. Can take a cake and decorate it with cookies, whipped cream and strawberries. With two years of Cooking practiced at the Montessori School where well-developing children. Since she knows how to have fun”.—
Cooking, and how do you react when parents recognize on the street?
Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит»Well? With a smile. We told the school that the Pope is famous, is constantly flashing on the TV. So you all know – and friends, and the teacher Anastasia V. cram school.

Have a favorite picture with the actor Alexey Makarov?
Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит»Loved the film “Particle Universe”. I will also watch his new series “Girls, don’t give up.” Mother often takes on the sample. I have, incidentally, already had experience filming a movie, however, is not very good.

Copy of grandmother

Parents describe in a few words.
Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит»Mother with humor and wit. And daddy always laugh. Often lifts me and twirls.
Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит»
As you spend time with them?
Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит»With mom every day at home together. Dad also tries as often as possible to be with me. Leads to the ice rink, in a cafe, where cells live rabbits and goats.—
Who is stricter?
Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит»Dad. He has such a character.—
You look a lot like him…
Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит»Yeah, and grandma too.
How do you indulge?
Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит»Mom bought a little toy – modzhi. It’s a little thing that glows in the dark, and if you drop it in water, it changes color.

And what is punished?
Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит»If you skip the dance. And dad can reprimand when bad do French. But we are now going through the same thing that was already in the “my best”, so I’m bored. A father is very important, so I was good with languages. Thinks it would be useful in the future.—
Home something to do?
Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит»When we lived in another apartment, she helped her mother to wash the floor, sometimes makes the bed. Now clean the toilet with the cat Shusha. This is my daily duty.—
Parents take you to social events?
Варя Макарова: «Папа постоянно меня смешит»Yes. Just recently visited the Moscow film festival. A year ago I was at a children’s award, but I did not like.REVIEW of the POPE: “When we came in, immediately flew to the reporters, and she was frightened. And there were a lot of animators, which the child also not particularly fond of. The event was held in his home Theater. The Moscow city Council. Wanted to show the var, behind the scenes, but she chose to go home.”

You have a dream?
Yes! First: long ago I wish my mom gave birth to my sister. And the second: I want a magic wand. I would cast a spell on the parents a lot of money and then they wouldn’t work, and all the while vacationing.