Осужденный Сергей Сичкар разочарован прошлым участниц «Дома-2» The man did not like how the girls behaved before. Sergey Sichkar tries to look at the potential brides to choose the one which will connect the life. He hoped that this time he’ll get lucky.
Осужденный Сергей Сичкар разочарован прошлым участниц «Дома-2»

The star of the reality show “Dom-2” Sergey Sichkar has decided once again to tempt fate and returned to a native reality show. The first time he came to the area in 2013 and was even able to build a relationship with Alexandra Skorodumova. However, after the pair left the project, the lovers decided to leave. In 2015 he was convicted for selling stolen vehicles on the black market. For this he was given three years in prison, but was released two times faster. The man now re-appeared on the famous telestroke to find a girl who will accept him as he is. Convicted ex-member of “House-2” Sergey Sichkar: “In prison you’re not interested in money”

Despite the fact that his reputation is far from ideal, Sergei disappointed in the girls, whose unpleasant past POPs out. Now he tries not to throw words and Declaration of love to better to look at the potential brides.

“Have to project all the pretty girls, but I want to know them better, because when dealing learn some of the nuances, details of their past life after which not really want to communicate…” – admitted Circut.
Осужденный Сергей Сичкар разочарован прошлым участниц «Дома-2»

However, the man does not exclude that will be able to understand and forgive a girl for some dark spots in her biography. In his opinion, it is in a reality show can be very good to know a person because all the participants almost all the time are next to each other.

Осужденный Сергей Сичкар разочарован прошлым участниц «Дома-2»“I want to really fall in love! The perimeter usually when you don’t like something in person, you cease to communicate with him. And here you are constantly close to and some things start to close my eyes. People are not perfect, each has some flaws, but they are much easier to fight here, on the project. Because, first, we to these shortcomings lapped. Secondly, we have tremendous support from the facilitators who competently and convincingly give any specific advice, plus the participants help each other”, – says Sergey.

Now 31-year-old man wants to find one single, and therefore decided not to focus on fleeting affair. But he does not exclude that can go wrong. However, he told Dom2Life that I will try as carefully as possible to choose the girl hopes to connect his life.