Convicted of robbery wheelchair Mamaev changed the sentence

Осужденному за разбой колясочнику Мамаеву изменили приговор Young man against whom a previously filed criminal case, expressed disagreement with the court ordered him to pay a fine. Anton Mamaev is going to seek full justification, therefore, plans to appeal.
Осужденному за разбой колясочнику Мамаеву изменили приговор

Today in Moscow held a hearing at which the case of wheelchair users Anton Mamayev, who is accused of robbery. Earlier the young man was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison.

Thursday, August 3, penalty against Mamayev reviewed. The reason for this was the public outcry that caused his trial. Many members of the public were outraged by the sentence of a young person suffering from a hereditary disease, spinal muscular atrophy. Due to a rare disease Anton weighs about 18 kg and is almost completely paralyzed.

“Consider his state of health as mitigating circumstances, the category of crime to change from serious to moderate. As a result, to appoint punishment in the form of a fine in the amount of 200 thousand rubles,” – announced the decision one of the judges of the Collegium.
Осужденному за разбой колясочнику Мамаеву изменили приговор

As for the assistant of a disabled person Vasily Seroshtanov, the sentence was left without change. Friend Anton Mamaev received three years in prison. He took part in the meeting by video link from prison.

The court recalled the details of the incident involving the accused. According to the verdict of the Moscow Timiryazevsky court, convicted and their unidentified accomplices demanded from the mechanics of Dmitry Malov scooter. He went to meet the extortionists. A few days later mom and Seroshtanov again came to the garage cooperative and ordered to re-register the scooter on them. According to the victims, one of the attackers stabbed the owner of the metaservice “is a metal object similar to a knife”. Mamaev himself denies his guilt and claims that he had purchased the vehicle for 160 thousand rubles. Further wheelchair were planning to resell.

Among the materials of the case are the testimony of the surveillance cameras that captured Mamayev communicate with the victims. The lawyer of the accused said that on the record “no signs of robbery”.

“It’s just talk, where no one is hit and doesn’t shoot. There are no weapons, which was spoken by the victims. In addition, there is no audio track, and understand, does Mamaev someone, it is impossible” – quoted journalists, lawyer Andrei Orlov.

The judge also noted that the court of first instance came to the wrong conclusion. Then the representatives of the state authority decided that Mamaev may be detained or serve their sentences behind bars, despite his illness. “Real deprivation of freedom, even speech can not go”, – RBC of the word Orlova, who asked to attach to the appeal medical records.

Commenting on the verdict to reporters, Mamaev said that he was going to seek justification in the case. The young man plans to appeal.