Convicted for the rape of Diana Shurygina released

Осужденный за изнасилование Дианы Шурыгиной выходит на свободу History, pohlametsa all over the country a year ago, continued. Convicted for the rape of Diana Shurygina Sergey Semenov will soon be released. The boy’s family made by the justice in mitigation of punishment for the young man.
Осужденный за изнасилование Дианы Шурыгиной выходит на свободу

At the end of January last year the then 17-year-old Diana Shurygina in the Studio program “Let them talk” told me that she was the victim of a crime. According to Diana, in 2016, she was at a party with his girlfriend. The company, which consisted including of minors, drank alcoholic beverages and had fun. In recognition of Shurygino, she drank quite a bit of vodka, and at the end of the evening was the victim of rape.

The victim’s family did not hide this fact from the public, and therefore sued by 21-year-old Sergei Semenov. The young man received a real term in a penal colony. The sentence of the young man was 8 years old, but was reduced to 3 years and 3 months.

And now the sister of the convicted Catherine published a post on the Network. The girl reported that her brother will soon return home.

Осужденный за изнасилование Дианы Шурыгиной выходит на свободу“We are pleased to report good news, Sergey Semenov will soon be free. The whole year we fought for the fate of Sergei together with you, fought and never gave up. Each of you is not indifferent, and together we won. Challenging year behind us, but ahead of the least difficult time for Sergei. I hope that you will continue with us. Together we are strong, together we won,” said Catherine in a support group Semenov.

It is noteworthy that the PAROLE under the law arises only if the aggrieved party does not object. That is Diana Shurygina was supposed to give his or her Soglasie.

We will remind, Sergey admitted in an exclusive interview to Andrey Malakhov that does not hold a grudge on the family of Diana Shurygina. “I came to the conclusion that it is unhealthy people,” said the young man. Semenov assumed that after prison, his life will never be the same. Despite this, he hopes to get an education and start a family.

Sergey Semenov: “My biggest wish is just to go down the street”

Netizens actively supported Semenov, sent letters to Sergei in the colony. The young man told reporters that after months in detention became a religious man. The young man wanted to live again with their families. “To see their friends and relatives – this is probably the greatest wish. I would like nothing better,” said Sergey reporters.