Convicted alisova apologized to the family “drunk” boy

Осужденная Алисова принесла извинения семье «пьяного» мальчика The lawyer responsible for the accident intends to appeal the court’s decision. Olga beneficial received three years of settlement colony. She found the strength to ask forgiveness from the relatives of the deceased Alyosha Shimko.
Осужденная Алисова принесла извинения семье «пьяного» мальчика

In April of this year in Balashikha six-year-old boy Alesha Shimko died under the wheels of the car, at the wheel which there was Olga beneficial. Later, the blood test of the baby showed that the baby was very drunk. Roman Shimko tried to refute this conclusion, however, the head of the Bureau of expertise Mikhail Kleymenov said error could not be. Just recently, the investigative Committee has established that in the course of laboratory investigations were serious irregularities. The expertise of the Investigative Committee in the case of “drunk” the boy proved his sobriety

November 15 was sentenced the driver of the car of Olga Alisovoy to three years in prison. However, shortly before the meeting, she gave an exclusive interview to the program “Let them talk”. The culprit of the accident made clear that she is unhappy with the desire of the father of the deceased boy to punish her with imprisonment.

“Three years without her daughter is a lot. Even now, four months is a lot. I never with her for so long did not leave. I will not be able to raise, to educate, to control for three years – it will be a lot. There are at least a hundred years, give – nothing will change. If it would be possible to say: 25 years after serving, a lot or a little, but the child is still alive – no question. I’m not afraid of punishment, honestly, I usually live here, but little in the other conditions. Suffering here is basically my child, that’s all. I think for my daughter three years is a long time. If he [Shimko] this will be easier, if anything it will make it easier, it does not matter, I’m ready. But I don’t think he’ll be fine,” he told beneficial.
Осужденная Алисова принесла извинения семье «пьяного» мальчика

Also Olga to pay compensation to the family of the deceased child in the amount of two and a half million rubles. Relatives of the women believe that it is a huge sum. As it turned out, beneficial part-time taxi service, that’s why she was in the yard of heading.

The lawyer of the accused stated that they do not agree with the verdict, and therefore will challenge the decision in higher courts. In the Studio also introduces a novel Shimko, who admitted that he expected a more lenient sentence.

Beneficial are unhappy with their image formed in the media. She believes that the story of the accident fanned journalists. “My presence here at the time of the investigation, the result of the negligence. Would not have this expertise, there would be no media, would not have perceived it as a blatant horrible case, would not be digging in my personal life outsiders, not painted terrible, stale way, bloodthirsty(…) cases Such as occurred on the day of the tragedy, April 23, according to the country often. And much worse and more terrible happens,” – says Olga.

Experts in the Studio have often noticed that beneficial rarely says words of regret about the lost boy. During the final speech in court, she pointed to the fact that the relatives of Alesha partly to blame for the death of a baby, as it followed his movement across the yard. However, in an interview with reporters “Let them talk” Olga found the strength to apologize to the family Shimko.

“I’m sorry, if you can, I would do everything possible to make things right. I am a woman, a mother, dearer to me than baby nothing. None of the penalties, to punish me, and you will feel better. With this burden as you live, so do I I want you to forgive me, and I offer my sincere condolences,” said alisova.