Controversial Director Bogomolov changed to the theatre with Anna Pletneva

Скандальный режиссер Богомолов изменил театру с Анной Плетневой
Theatre Director will shoot the provocative video for the band “Vintage”.

Скандальный режиссер Богомолов изменил театру с Анной Плетневой

Anna Pletneva

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Director Konstantin Bogomolov, who is famous for her scandalous performances, such as “the Seagull”, “an Ideal husband” and others, agreed to shoot a video for the band “Vintage”. Anna Pletnev and Alexei Romanov honestly admit that have not been previously sure of the consent of the Director,
after all for anybody not Bogomolov earlier filmed clips.

“We have
I decided that if Kostya agrees, we’ll be ready for any adventures and
we will do everything that it offered! — says Anna Pleteneva. — But we were still shocked by the idea, which he voiced at the meeting. We are talking about
death… he offered to look at this question with fear and trembling, and
ironically, and paradoxically, in a strange way, happy…”.

Konstantin Bogomolov

The Director the proposal to remove the clip embraced with great enthusiasm: “I love
pop culture, although many people think it’s strange. After all, working in author mode,
I do enough serious things in the theatre. And yet
entertaining genre for me has always been very attractive. Besides, I
any unexpected idea how to make this song. Met with Anna and Alex, I
saw a very live brains, live reaction, similar world view, shared humor and
total irony — in short a common spirit. And it is always the most important thing in the work,
when people collectively see the world and trust you. I realized that there are all
components for the production of the product is not ordinary, not duty, not
formal, and really creative. So I gladly agreed and
really enjoy this”.

Bogomolov suggested not just paradoxically
connect the song and the video, and push them together: “People riding in the car,
listening to this love song, something lyrical… And then sees the movie, which
radically changes his view of this text. I think this is a cool challenge.
Ultimately, the story is set in the minds of the audience, there should
explode the bombs and face the worlds. And we only give the ingredients and
components by using the clip and song”.

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