Controversial assistant Oleg Tabakov was fired from the Moscow art theatre

Скандального помощника Олега Табакова уволили из МХТ Konstantin Bogomolov has confirmed his departure from the theatre. Close friend and assistant of Oleg Tabakov said about it on the page in a social network. The play “Three sisters” will be the last work of the Director at the Moscow art theatre.
Скандального помощника Олега Табакова уволили из МХТ

Long before the death of Oleg Tabakov theatre lobby discussed who will take the place of the legendary artistic Director of the Chekhov Moscow art theater. Vladimir Mashkov, Konstantin Khabensky, the star listed the names of possible successors, but the position went to Sergey Zhenovach. And now, two months later, he had his first reshuffle today it became known that the theater is replacing Konstantin Bogomolov, known for his controversial productions. This information confirmed the 42-year-old Director on his page in the social network.

“I was really communicated that with me as Director of the Moscow art theatre under its new artistic policy not bound by any plans. I can say that I, frankly, did not expect that it will happen, and long made it clear to all my dear actors, with whom we have long years of creative harmony that the “Three sisters” will be my last job at the Moscow art theatre in the coming years. We parted on a high note, my dear,” – said Bogomolov.
Скандального помощника Олега Табакова уволили из МХТ

According to the Director, he doesn’t get mad at the new head of the theater, because he has the right to form a team in accordance with its views. Sergey Zhenovach has not commented on the statements of colleagues. Bogomolov stressed that without work will not remain. “Go arbeiten”, – concluded Constantine.

“My contract with the Moscow art theatre as assistant artistic Director, ending somewhere in the summer. I’ve never watched it, during the life of Oleg Pavlovich the contract is renewed automatically by mutual love and need. It will last or not, we had never discussed. I was the assistant of Oleg Pavlovich and will forever remain his student and Director, and for me he will remain the master, the actor and simply dear to me who’s helped me and protected me and my business”, – said Konstantin.

Fans immediately rushed to support the Director. “You will forever remain an important part of the theater, a man who made an enormous contribution to its development”, “Very sorry. For me it’s a real shock”, “Not a matter to dismiss such talented professionals. Mat without you poorer” – opinions of the fans Bogomolov.

Recall that the rumors about big changes at the Moscow art theatre went a long time. After the appointment of Sergey Zhenovach has information on that troupe of disgruntled new artistic Director and he is going to write an official appeal to the Ministry of culture. However, while well-known Director not only saves the post, but also successfully conducting a global permutation.

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