#Вопреки: страна встала на защиту отстраненных от игр в Рио паралимпийцев In the Network, the movement is gaining momentum in support of our athletes. Internet users Express their despair and indignation. Sports arbitration court still did not allow Russian athletes to the Paralympics, to be held in Rio de Janeiro in September.

      Hope the Russian Paralympic national team on marvel completely melted. Today, athletes learned that they will not go to Rio in September.

      Inhuman decision to remove from the game the entire team came into force. Court of arbitration for sport has rejected a Russian appeal against the decision of the International Paralympic Committee.

      Recall that the independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency, led by Richard McLaren, in mid-July, recommended that the Paralympic Committee to disqualify Russian athletes from the Paralympics in 2016. In a public report, it was noted that in 2012-2015 disappeared 35 positive samples representatives of Russia. In early August it was decided that the Russian side unsuccessfully tried to challenge.

      In society the news triggered a wave of indignation. The most unpleasant is the fact that none of the athletes whose names were mentioned in the report of McLaren, was not included in the national team for the Paralympics in 2016.

      In social networks appeared the hashtag #contrary. Ordinary users put it under their posts and photos in support of the Russian Paralympic athletes. People think wild injustice that happened to our athletes.

      “Health to all Paralympians! You – heroes!”, “Those who made that decision – not people”, “God will judge them, he sees all, Sorry guys to tears! Hold on, you still are our heroes”, “the Horror… No words,” write the Russians in social networks.

      Meanwhile, the President of the International Paralympic Committee Philip Craven said that the organization is satisfied with the decision of the court. He also added that the removal of the Russian Paralympians “a sad moment for the Paralympic movement.”

      Recall that because of the report of McLaren banned from taking part in games all of our athletes with disabilities, and from Russia it was stated 267 athletes in eighteen categories. Russian membership of the Committee suspended.

      “The decision is shocking, it is unfair, moreover, it is contrary to all norms of European and international law, beginning with Roman law, among other things. This decision makes it impossible to involve hundreds of athletes. We have a delegation consists of more than 250 people, which no relation to the doping scandals does not have, and which already passed the trial, and was of the study under the supervision of international organizations”, —said RIA President of the Russian Paralympic Committee Vladimir Lukin.

      Yelena Isinbayeva behalf of the Russian Olympic team, which returned home from Rio, recorded a video in support of Paralympic athletes. “Our dear Paralympians, we share with you this gross injustice! Be strong! You were, are and will be Heroes,” the champion said.

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