Исполнителя Blurred Lines снова обвинили в домашнем насилии и злоупотреблении наркотиками

Robin Thicke – another star character, faced with unsubstantiated accusations of violence and domestic violence. He has already experienced johnny Depp and brad pitt.

Not so long ago ex-girlfriend of the musician appealed to law enforcement bodies with the statement that TEC behaves somewhat rigidly to their son. In his statement, the woman relied on the words of his son, who said that the Pope periodically slapped him on the ass.

Interestingly, baseless statements women without evidence no one did not want to believe. The court its demands for restricting the communication between father and son was not satisfied, so Paula Patton (wife of Robin) decided to go to extreme measures: she was accused of Teak in the total domestic abuse and also addiction.

According to Floors, Robin threatened to “rozmaite her damn head”, was always yelling at his son and generally behaved like a scoundrel: “last November, Julian asked Robin to hug him before bed, and instead, Robin walked up and smacked him.”

Is it really Sex or just wants revenge on the man who was in a relationship for 23 years, hard to say.

But to us, it is extremely difficult to believe that Patton would tolerate unbalanced person next to him all these years and especially for giving birth to his child.