«Сплошной тюнинг»? Алсу показала, как выглядела в юности
The singer responded to the accusations of “plastic”.


Photo: @alsou_a (Instagram Alsu)

Singer Alsu and many stars often hear in your address accusations of non-natural product She is credited with numerous plastic surgeries. According to detractors, she changed the surgeon the shape of the nose, lips and cheekbones. This is only the most often discussed topics from reviews of the artist in social networks, which it is, incidentally, reads.

To confirm his “innocence” singer posted irrefutable proof: a photo taken nearly 20 years ago. Alsou asked the fans to compare her present and previous appearance. According to the artist, the only difference is the volume of cheeks that have “left” after the birth of children in a natural way.

“Who remembers this cutie? In my opinion, is 1999. And by the way, notice the spout is quite small, the lips are quite plump, the Tatar cheekbones were then! That’s just the cheeks… I decided to leave permanently after having children. P. S. Especially the “good” and attentive! Thank you for caring!” — critics said Alsu. In hestego to review the singer posted the phrase on which he hears about himself more often than others: “Yes, it is all converted” and “continuous tuning”.

Recall that recently Alsou returned from a long maternity leave. The artist premiered the song “talk to me”. Later she presented the video for a new song.