Участница шоу «Ты супер!» выступила на международном фестивале
Karina Ismailova became the star of the “Spasskaya tower”.

Karina Ismailov

In the tenth times on the international military music festival “Spasskaya tower” was made by the Suvorov band of the Moscow military music school. Lieutenant-General Valery Khalilov. This year an excerpt from Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best” along with the orchestra played Karina Ismailova, a 15-year-old finalist of the international vocal contest “You’re super!”.

Some of the young performers of the “Spasskaya tower”, the Orchestra of the Suvorov school this year prepared a colorful presentation. Decorated potpourri the orchestra of the beautiful voice of young Karina Ismailova, which many actors and singers are predicting professional success in music. Karina has been through a lot, but inside retained a kindness and sincerity. She focused on his dream of becoming a singer and goes to her with confidence. This year Karina has successfully passed the exam and entered the State musical College of variety and jazz art in Moscow. The opportunity to speak at the anniversary festival “Spasskaya tower” she received through participation in vocal competition “You’re super!”. This is a unique project in which talented children, remaining without care of parents get a chance to Express themselves and showcase their vocal abilities throughout the country. Similar experience in social project has not been on television in any country in the world. Social initiative of NTV “You’re super!” was awarded a diploma of the annual national program “Best social projects of Russia” in the nomination “Support of gifted children”.

Symbolically, the Orchestra of the Suvorov and Karina Ismailov chose the song “Simply the Best”, because they do, indeed, “simply the best”.

The Orchestra of the Suvorov Moscow military music school. the General – Lieutenant Valery Khalilov, can be seen daily from 26 August to 3 September at the evening concerts of the International military music festival “Spasskaya tower”.