Contestant on “the Voice” Marianna Savon:”I do not set myself the goal to lose weight quickly”

Участница шоу «Голос» Марианна Савон:«Я не ставлю себе цель быстро похудеть» The singer shared the details of working with a mentor. According to Marianne, Alexander Gradsky best of all judges choose songs for performances. In an interview with “StarHit” the actress said about family, creativity and the desire to lose weight.

Marianna Savon has exotic looks and a strong voice. Dad the alien left her mom and left the Soviet Union in Havana. But Marianne found her father after 24 years.

Savon came to the project “the Voice” with great musical experience. She repeatedly won at singing competitions. However, her dream for a few years remained for this project.

“The idea for “the Voice” came to me, to me a very long time. The hardest part of the project to cope still with excitement. It was quite difficult, especially to wait for filming. I came at nine in the morning, and started recording only six in the evening,” shared Marianne.

“Lose weight, have tried and continue to do so. To be honest, it is not my supercel or any complex. The artist needs to be in shape, I’m not on a diet, go to the gym. Training with a trainer and learn to eat right. Artists, unfortunately, this is not very simple. Often, the concerts of late, we come home at a time when it is better not to eat anything,” – said the singer.

The singer admitted that he is not ready to leave the stage for a loved one. According to Marianne, her companion must take it with all with all the shortcomings of her profession.

“I hope that he will treat this with understanding. I think you need to be able to accept the person as he is. If I became an actress and a singer, it would be foolish to expect from me that I suddenly cease to do so. Although, actually, I can work as an economist, I have specialized education,” said Savona.

The actress admitted that the Pope does not understand the format of “the Voice”. In Cuba, where he lives, like the show does not show, and to explain how this ambitious project, the singer cannot. However, the parent still supports a daughter and ache for her.

“Anyone not want to be like, just trying to find his way, his music and voice. And to be like only on themselves,” concluded Marianne.

The singer admitted that the exotic look she always just helped. However, despite the mixture of blood, she considers herself Russian.

“I was born in Moscow, my mom is a Siberian. Grandfather went through the war, part of my family still lives in Siberia. Someone in Novosibirsk, somebody in Vladivostok,” – said Savon.

Marianne the owner of magnificent forms, the singer has repeatedly tried to lose weight. Now she opened up her way to support the owl body in harmony.

According to the girl, the contest has given her the opportunity to meet famous artists and singers. Savon went to the team of Alexander Borisovich Gradsky, since it has established warm and friendly relations. Marianne admitted that she lacked the time to get to know all of the judges of the show.

“I did not belong to rivals, although, perhaps, they are. And, moreover, no envy. Now I have ceased to be copied by other singers. I’m pretty much on stage, doing music since the age of five. Plus also teach vocals. I used to, for example, in his time, imitated Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera. But it’s over now”, – said the artist.