Contestant on “the Voice” Laura Gorbunova: “city calls me at night”

Участница шоу «Голос» Лора Горбунова: «Градский звонит мне по ночам» The singer spoke about working with the mentor on the project. According to Laura Gorbunova, Alexander Borisovich Gradsky kind to their charges. Celebrity is trying to help aspiring artists and to give valuable advice.
Участница шоу «Голос» Лора Горбунова: «Градский звонит мне по ночам»

Very soon, in late December, the country will know the name of the winner of the main vocal show “the Voice” on channel one. And while viewers guess who will win, the contestants continue to prepare for the next stages. Ward Alexander Gradsky Laura Gorbunova said “StarHit” the mentor calls, charitable activities and support famous artists.

“While working on the project with Alexander Borisovich I learned a lot of new things. He helped me in terms of technique and acting, and from a human point of view. Gradsky, of course, a unique mentor. Recently called me at eight in the morning and was very surprised why I replied in such a cheerful voice: “what’re you awake? Vocals in the morning? What are you, crazy?” The most interesting that on the same day – about two nights – Alexander calling again. I’m same cheerful voice answered. And he said, “do You ever sleep?” – says Gorbunova.

Laura noted that the coach tries to give each member of your team the maximum amount of time: cares about the health and mood, gives valuable advice and shares his thoughts on the upcoming numbers. However, support Gorbunova had and other celebrities. Most of all the girl cheered the unexpected a message from the winner of the fourth season of “the Voice”.

“For me it was amazing that after KOs, where I performed the song “Audition” from the musical “La La Land”, it’s a huge amount of kind words from friends and viewers. The messages are not ended in several days. But the most surprising was to receive personal feedback from Hieromonk Photius. He wished me strength and help of God. Later in the same day, in his “Instagrame” I expressed sympathy Baigali Serkebayev of “A’studio. I know that voting for me and others: Nikolay Naumov, Zoya Berber, Anna Tsukanova-Cott, Julia Topol’nitskiy,” says the singer.

In addition to creativity, Laura is trying to be and charity. Recently, she visited an orphanage and even thought to continue the dialogue with one of its inhabitants. The actress admitted that didn’t expect to see such a kind and friendly atmosphere. Gorbunova noted that as a volunteer of the shelter for stray dogs and soon plans to launch a campaign to collect food for Pets.

“I flew to Khabarovsk at the festival of actor’s song. And after one friend invited me to work in an orphanage. There teenagers from 10 to 16 years – all such nice, kind eyes. Brought them from Moscow candy and t-shirts with the logo of “the Voice”. They were so excited! Talked to them about everything, drank tea. Frankly, after the trip, I wanted to become a mentor to a child from there. I think it’s very important,” said Laura.