Contestant on “the Voice” congratulated “bronze” Mrs. World

Участница шоу «Голос» поздравила «бронзовую» Миссис Мира
Oksana Kazakova from the team of Dima Bilan sang in honor of Queen beauty.

Участница шоу «Голос» поздравила «бронзовую» Миссис Мира

Oksana Kazakova and Vladimir Brilev

Masha Andreeva receives congratulations

Contestant on “the Voice” on channel Oksana Kazakova despite the constant employment on the project, found time to congratulate birthday to my friend Masha Andreeva, winner of the third place at the contest “Mrs. globe 2013”.

After rehearsing with his mentor Dima Bilan where you Kazakova learned a new song, contestant rushed to the restaurant. There already was fun. Seeing Oksana, the birthday girl immediately asked Kazakov to sing. And the girl with pleasure sang Andreeva and her guests a few songs, including the new one, which will sing from the screen at the next edition of the popular TV show.