Участница шоу «Холостяк» Виктория Короткова: «Пришла не к Егору, а за чувствами» In the first of a series of 22-year-old Vick stunned the creed, confessing that now is still married. However, this did not prevent her from receiving a rose arrangement and to remain in the project of channel TNT.
Участница шоу «Холостяк» Виктория Короткова: «Пришла не к Егору, а за чувствами»
Vic, have you followed the work of Egor creed before the project, suspected that he would be the hero of “the Bachelor” on TNT? Who do you think could still be a stellar single?
Участница шоу «Холостяк» Виктория Короткова: «Пришла не к Егору, а за чувствами»Before going to a casting, I saw in the media that the new bachelor will be just Egor. But I thought it was a hoax – that casting came as many people as possible. Or just the media gave unverified information… in a word, when he went on the show, to the last doubted the person of the protagonist. And I have absolutely no suggestions… can’t say that, carefully follow the creed of creativity, but I really liked his last album. And yet, unlike many other participants of the project, I knew nothing about his previous relationships. Didn’t know what he was, who was his girlfriend.—
You watched previous seasons of “the Bachelor”? Do you think shooting this project to find true love?
Участница шоу «Холостяк» Виктория Короткова: «Пришла не к Егору, а за чувствами»I watched the second season of the show Maxim Cherniavsky. Can’t say that just believe in the fact that the project can meet true love. But, living his little life in this show, I realized that there really experience emotions and feelings, even the feeling of love. Can’t answer for everyone because each comes to the project with its goals, but I initially went on the show for the senses, and in the Bachelor I feel the whole spectrum of emotions.—
Relatives and friends react to the fact that you became a member of the project?
Участница шоу «Холостяк» Виктория Короткова: «Пришла не к Егору, а за чувствами»That I came on the show, only knew my mother. I left it a secret from loved ones. Of course, when he published the first edition of “the Bachelor,” I began to write – and friends and relatives. Everyone was surprised, but in General, this crazy thing is quite my style.

What you did Egor? Why did you decide to fight for it?
Участница шоу «Холостяк» Виктория Короткова: «Пришла не к Егору, а за чувствами»Can’t say I came with the aim to fight for a specific person who will be the main character of the project. I can’t – go, not knowing to whom, and to put supergoal is to fight. But as soon as I know Egor, you know, what I want to know him more, spend more time with him, I want him to understand I want to have something in common, to have some memories that link us to some history of our communication. I want to leave flash in his memory. My feelings for Greg are amplified after each meeting. It happens like this: the man pulls, and you can’t explain what’s special about it and why it is stalling.—
What kind of relationship have you formed with other members? You perceive them as rivals or as friends?
Участница шоу «Холостяк» Виктория Короткова: «Пришла не к Егору, а за чувствами»Despite the fact that every girl came to fight for her love, I met three of his “heart”. Girls with whom we became friends and whom I already love. Communication with them is very dear. Can’t say that some of the girls perceive as rivals. And it’s not because cocky. I’m confident in myself and know that I have many positive qualities that I may differ from others. Although this does not mean that someone of the girls better than me.—
What young men do you like? What do you notice first when meeting guys?
Участница шоу «Холостяк» Виктория Короткова: «Пришла не к Егору, а за чувствами»Honestly, I do not so often meet. But, like many, first of all pay attention to the “shell” on the exterior. Because really clothes make the man. If the person is initially not impressed, it is unlikely that anything will happen. Needs to be some visual attraction. And then you really start to get to know the person’s inner world, his interests, Hobbies. It is important for me having a sense of humor to the man was confident, she was. And it’s important to be with male partners, friends, and not just good lovers. To be a team – that’s what I need.

You studied at the faculty of life and environmental Sciences, but decided not to work in the profession. Why?
Участница шоу «Холостяк» Виктория Короткова: «Пришла не к Егору, а за чувствами»So a lot of. You choose a profession and I think that ties with it all my life, but in the process of learning to understand that it’s not yours, what are your ideas about this profession is deceptive. The same happened to me. I almost immediately realized I didn’t want to be zootechnology, it’s not quite what I pictured to myself in my head. I prefer other, more creative activities.—
How long have you been modeling? Do you remember the first shoot, what to spend the fee?
Участница шоу «Холостяк» Виктория Короткова: «Пришла не к Егору, а за чувствами»Can’t say that it is engaged in modeling business. I have got two beauty contest in which I participated. At the age of 16 participated in the contest “Miss Kaliningrad”, took the second place, that is, became Vice-miss. Then, at 18, took part in the contest “Miss Russia”. My model experience is over. Yes, I had a photo shoot, shooting, but I never received the money, did it only for myself… I Can say that the model only at first glance seems very simple: a photo shoot, shows, work. For any girl that’s cool, you can try on different images to make a beautiful makeup. But not always a new way would you like. You put in what the customer needs, you look like you need someone else. You’re not supposed to go sour, you have to justify your consulting fee, to be positive. Otherwise, next time, don’t invite an interesting project.—
Some believe that if a girl works as a model, it is easily accessible. Did you indecent proposals?
Участница шоу «Холостяк» Виктория Короткова: «Пришла не к Егору, а за чувствами»I participated in two beauty pageants, and it is known to be bigger than a conventional model. And – I have never been propositioned! I think this happens with those people that have the potential to agree to them. Such offers come only weak personalities, who easily leads to manipulation from the outside. Consider myself a smart girl, I such proposal has been received.

In the questionnaire you wrote that you suffer from aerophobia. How did you overcome yourself for the sake of filming that took place abroad?
Участница шоу «Холостяк» Виктория Короткова: «Пришла не к Егору, а за чувствами»Four years ago I realized that I have a wild fear of planes and flights. Phobia appeared after a complicated flight with a terrible air pockets. The flight was for me a real stress, for a week before I was starting to cheat to survive. When we boarded the plane, listened to each rustle and noise behind, and, if the Board hit turbulence, I was starting to get panic attacks. But the more you fly, the less afraid. It is a fact. I began to read special literature, to calm myself down. There is clearly explained at what points in flight is worth paying attention to, and because some even do not worry.—
How do you keep yourself in such great shape? Do you have a special diet, what exercise do you prefer?
Участница шоу «Холостяк» Виктория Короткова: «Пришла не к Егору, а за чувствами»We are what we eat. Like, just, but how much meaning is in that phrase. I do think it is important what you eat, in what quantity and what quality. This affects the figure, and on the skin. You need to eat balanced and correct. I do not adhere to a diet, but my eating right is my lifestyle. Don’t like fried and fatty. I love everything that is steamed or grilled, I love vegetables, and they contain a lot of fiber. Prefer fish and seafood, do not exclude from the diet of meat. I’m not vegan and not raw foodists, although practiced these methods of supply. However, I came to the conclusion that to give up meat is not ready… I’m a big sweet tooth, and it is very difficult to give up sweets. Sometimes give in on provocation of friends and I get this wild delight. Though I try not to get involved. Replace sweets with fruits or protein bars. Go to the gym, sometimes you can visit it twice a day, and sometimes a month not to look back. It is important to understand your body and know what’s good for you and what is bad. No need to listen to other people’s advice, it is important to understand for yourself what you’re comfortable with and what suits you.—
You have a rather popular Instagram, with tens of thousands of subscribers. Are there any rules of blogging and communicating with followers? Often blocking haters?
Участница шоу «Холостяк» Виктория Короткова: «Пришла не к Егору, а за чувствами»My account is not very similar to Instagram, the typical integrity because I have the vision pictures and videos, I like to invest in them a meaning which no one else understood. But every photo and every caption have deep meaning for me. It is important that no posts “into the void”.

It is known that you got married at a young age. A wedding is a rather serious step, why at one time he was dared?
Участница шоу «Холостяк» Виктория Короткова: «Пришла не к Егору, а за чувствами»I met a young man at the age of 17 and was completely gave to feelings, cut off his head, surrendered to the emotions. At the time, was happy with what happened, so she married. I made an offer, and I on the wings of love flew into the marriage. But then something went wrong. This does not mean you have to be afraid to marry. Or that all men goats. Just be more deliberate approach such a decision, discretion is helpful. And carefully choose a partner for life.—
How long have you lived with your husband? Was planning to have children?
In total we were together for five years, of which three years were in marriage. We had planned on children when was the peak of our emotions. I think children need to start when your relationship has reached the highest point when you need something more. When you realize that love a person as much as possible… I really wanted children, I thought I was to the child, but at the moment, apparently someone at the top saw that after the baby is born I’m unlikely to become the happiest woman on the planet. This wouldn’t have happened. And then the person who was next to me, his actions started to show that I should take off the rose-colored glasses and start thinking with his head, clearly explained, from whom you can have children and with whom better not to communicate.