Contestant on “the Bachelor” Lesya Ryabtseva the first time became a mother

Участница шоу «Холостяк» Леся Рябцева в первый раз стала мамой Lesya Ryabtseva gave birth to a girl, what hastened to tell fans on the social network page. Also the journalist has published the first photos of the newborn girl and noted that she is incredibly happy.
Участница шоу «Холостяк» Леся Рябцева в первый раз стала мамой

27-year-old Lesya Ryabtseva is famous in the whole country back when I worked at the radio station “Echo of Moscow”. Then the girl was known for his outrageous statements, and after retirement she decided to build on the success and went on the show “the Bachelor.”

To win the heart of Elijah Glinnikov Lesi did not work, although she reached the final three. However, the failure of the project did not prevent Ryabtseva find happiness in his personal life. July 28, the journalist has stunned fans the good news: she first became a mother.

“Sweetheart, you gave me the improbability and permanent sense of joy. You were with me all the time in pregnancy, and in battles, and delivery. You made yourself our baby. You become a support and protection for her. I’m grateful to you,” — wrote in social networks.
Участница шоу «Холостяк» Леся Рябцева в первый раз стала мамой

Father baby was a longtime beloved of the journalist Timofei Vasilyev. In her message she mentioned that her choice is a real hero, ready to easily realize any of her desires and whims.

“Thanks for the support, opportunity and the realization of the dream. I really didn’t think that my whim to go and spend some time by the ocean can become a reality. Only by your belief in me, we were here and our baby didn’t come the way we wanted it. I forget sometimes, and sometimes capricious and pretend to forget, but a lot of my life just because of you. Thank you, you are my most important gifts,” — said Ryabtsev.

Fans incredibly happy-so-important news. However, many of them were surprised, because Les tried not to advertise an interesting position. Personal life she was also not discussed, so it is not known when she began her affair with Timothy.

After the girl left the project “the Bachelor,” many fans have lost sight of it. Ryabtsev became less likely to attend social events, and quite possibly, this was connected with her pregnancy.

Les chose not to specify how she would call her daughter. However, fans hope that in the near future the reporter will share details about motherhood.