Участницу «Холостяка» назвали одной из самых красивых девушек страны Contestant on heart Yegor creed will represent his hometown at the contest “Miss Russia-2018” to be held in mid-April, in Barvikha. Olga Lomakina admitted that he feels nervous before an important event, and asked fans for support.

23-year-old actress and model Olga Lomakina, known to television viewers through the sixth season of “the Bachelor,” will take part in the contest “Miss Russia-2018”. The girl is the native town of Yelets, located in the Lipetsk region. This Olga announced to subscribers of their Instagram.

The actress thanked the organizers for the opportunity and expressed hope for the support of the fans. Now in full swing preparing for the event. Olga posted a photo taken backstage. The model admitted that very happy.

“My friends, it’s this exciting moment when I’m ready to share with you a joyous event in my life. I was a participant of the national contest “Miss Russia-2018″! Very happy that I’m going to present to him their hometown, the great city Elec. I want to Express my gratitude for the opportunity, – said the girl. – I very much hope on your support on the goodwill, because for me it is very important, and I’m very worried, but in the meantime we, the girls, begins training”.

Followers of Olga congratulated her on this important event and wished them success. According to them, beauty is quite adequately cope with the task to provide elec for a large-scale event. “Here is a twist. Wow”, “I Wish you victory! Beauty will save the world”, “This is really cool”, “Good job, break a leg”, “not at all, I never doubted you”, “Keep the Cams for you”, “Princess”, – commented the users of social networks. By the way, some found that the photograph, which appeared in microblo model, it looks a copy of Anna Sedokova. Followers of Olga did not even recognize her in the picture.

This year the contest “Miss Russia” will be held April 14, in Barvikha. For the main prize will compete 50 most beautiful girls from different corners of the country. In all, the casting was attended by over 75 thousand representatives of all constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The winner will go to “Miss World” and “Miss Universe”.

Participant in the sixth season of the show “the Bachelor” Olga Lomakina was born on 24 Nov 1994 in Yelets. It is known that the growth of girls – 173 cm, weight – 50 kg. the Future model studied in engineering in the specialty “expertise and real estate management”. Since 2012, Olga began to appear in the series, basically she got a cameo role. On account of artist participation in such projects as “Kitchen” and “roof of the world”. In addition, Lomakin was used in advertising the phone with Egor Creed.