Constantine Hecate: “I was hiding my second life”

Константин Гецати: «Я скрывал свою вторую жизнь» The winner of the 18th season of “Battle of psychics” on channel TNT has told about the emotions after the triumph and said that it became much easier to communicate with people. Constantine Hecate plans to relax after the show and recuperate.
Константин Гецати: «Я скрывал свою вторую жизнь»

Constantine Hecate, a former doctor, became the winner of the 18th season of “Battle of psychics”. During the project, he was recognized not only strong and bright, but also the sex symbol of the show. Fans even invented Hecate an affair with Sonia Egorova. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” Konstantin said that his offended friends, and why not want to think about work.

Konstantin, did you expect that you will win? Had a hunch?
Константин Гецати: «Я скрывал свою вторую жизнь»I told the spirits that the victory will be mine. But it was the case when doubts were present at the level of the brain, because to predict how the vote a multimillion audience of the project, impossible. But in my heart I knew that the victory will be mine.—
Someone close to you is first you congratulated?
Константин Гецати: «Я скрывал свою вторую жизнь»Sister and father. On the Internet quickly spread information. But the first few days I did not answer. Just wanted to come out and sleep it off.—
So how are you celebrating New year? Generally, I like this holiday?
Константин Гецати: «Я скрывал свою вторую жизнь»New year – a magical holiday. The time of the end, and planning, formation of desire. I love it. This is a good occasion to gather the whole family and to bring up the past. And most importantly, everyone is always in a good mood, regardless of how a year has passed. Isn’t it magic?

What will be 2018, the year our country?
Константин Гецати: «Я скрывал свою вторую жизнь»I’m not looking at the future of Russia’s population and its projections alone. Let the New year everyone will have their loyal and faithful friend. The year of the Dog, after all. Let everyone in difficult minute, will help friends.—
Tell me about the most difficult moment or challenge in the show “Battle of psychics”?
Константин Гецати: «Я скрывал свою вторую жизнь»Biggest challenges for me were the ones where it was about dead. Dead people to help more difficult than the living.

What mistakes have you made during participation in the project?
Константин Гецати: «Я скрывал свою вторую жизнь»The main mistake was the emotions that he allowed himself during the test “the trunk”. Otherwise, everything was as it should be. I was disappointed in myself throughout the “Battle”. My family supported me. Not only in this world but in the world of spirits.—
Is there any rumors or information would you like to refute?
Константин Гецати: «Я скрывал свою вторую жизнь»I tired to do that. The Internet is replete with predictions for the future that I do not give. Divorced a whole bunch of fraudulent websites providing services on my behalf and some publications give their thoughts for my words. Didn’t expect to be in such an information cesspool, but alas… don’t know how to behave.—
On websites devoted to “Battle”, fans are still talking about you and Sonia Yegorov. Very much they like your “pair”. Tell me, what really connects you with Sonya?
Константин Гецати: «Я скрывал свою вторую жизнь»With Sonia we have a good friendly relationship. She is a wonderful person. There’s no love story there. We are different and this is the case when it makes the novel impossible.—
Did you have more or less friends after participating in the “Battle” and fallen glory?
Константин Гецати: «Я скрывал свою вторую жизнь»I kept my second life, and someone took offense at me for it, and we stopped to chat. Someone, on the contrary, in my head everything fell into place, because there were suspicions. To conceal indefinitely the fact that participation in the project would not come out at all desire. Family proud of me. They understand that to show itself to the world, is a great challenge for me personally.—
You’re a pretty private person. Some call you an introvert. How do you react to the increased attention to his person?
Константин Гецати: «Я скрывал свою вторую жизнь»Different. There are negative and positive aspects. Informative dirt, spread, this, of course, bad. An obvious advantage from the increased attention – it became easier to communicate. People now understand that my distance is a property of nature, rather than personal attitude towards them.—
How you can get an appointment?
Константин Гецати: «Я скрывал свою вторую жизнь»In General, I don’t want to think about work. Until the middle of January I’m on vacation from this life. There is only I, the spirit world, sleep and fresh air. I need to take many difficult decisions for next year.—
The most important lesson you learned this year?
The people turned out better than I thought about them before. They are perceptive, so they can still feel and hear the real you.