Последствия новогоднего телеэфира: обвинение в плагиате, недовольство составом артистов и успех Пугачевой Every year on the 31st of December some people go to the bath, others fly to warmer climes, and most of watching TV, which definitely show a musical show. Who, what and how abused Christmas “lights” on TV in the beginning of 2018?
Последствия новогоднего телеэфира: обвинение в плагиате, недовольство составом артистов и успех Пугачевой

Slept after new year’s eve and rested from a variety of dishes, Telekritika, viewers and some usually do not fall into the live performers begin to scold festive TV shows and their participants. This year the first case of hit Alla Pugacheva.

Diva intrigued the audience back in December saying that in any shooting will not participate. However, closer to the holidays, posted a teaser of a new song and promised the Prime Minister – that’s new year’s eve. Thousands of fans of the singer (as you know, it’s one of the largest fan clubs in the country) glued to the screens. Song fans like – likes, shares, praising comments.

But among the viewers was unhappy. The poet Alexander Vulykh accused the author of the new hit Pugacheva plagiarism. Later he was called Alla, old acquaintances, he explained. And then the author of a new song said he was ready to undergo any lie detector.

“She [Alla] here is nothing to do with it. It was an original part to which the contractor is in principle not relevant. Therefore, claims the singer, in my opinion, ugly and unprofessional. I can say as to the spirit of what the song of Igor Sarukhanov “Invented love” in question, I first heard of January 1, 2018, when actually the whole story started. If need be, ready to confirm in any polygraphs and detectors. For me, this “discovery” was like a bolt from the blue,” said Vladi.

The scandal surrounding the authorship of the song, kind of subsided, but it turned out that some presence on the screens of Alla Borisovny in principle do not like. Among those who criticized hypnotherapy for the active professional activity, was Olympic champion Irina Rodnina and most popular blogger Lena Miro.

Legendary skater retweeted someone else’s share as follows: “I love Christmas “lights”, if not Pugacheva, Galkin, Baskov, Kirkorov, star of the 80s, stars of the 90s, all this fucking deja vu, which is experiencing the country from year to year.” And added: “It’s kind of like if I went to the ice.”

Blogger Lena Miro anyone did not quote, has expressed the opinion, entitling your own post about Pugachev, a quote from Pushkin: “Dove decrepit mine.”

“So asked the poet Pushkin to his nanny, who died at the age of 70 years. And it was very adequate treatment to the old lady at 70. Alla is trying very hard to look young. But none of this helps prima practicepage-Madonna to stay afloat. Alla Pugacheva is outdated not just biologically. It is outdated especially morally. In the world who watches “Game of thrones” and watching bitcoin, “the Christmas light” Pugacheva looks like a Ghost from the 80s. the same songs. The same jokes. The same person. Except that weather-beaten and aged. Look of this endless greetings from the 80s is impossible. To advanced people, “chips” of this gang-watering not just boring and long. They give us incomprehensible… how long?” – wrote Miro.

Composer and producer Maxim Fadeev in the past year has acted with sharp criticism of “blue lights” on TV. In 2018, he has not changed tradition, however, spoke more peaceful. Rather, even just provoked the discussion.

“Well, now already a year has passed since then, as the wave of public discontent in relation to the Christmas “lights”. And throughout this year, TV bosses promised us that in the coming year things will change and a new transmission will not be similar to what was done TV before. I was just curious whether something has changed. Share your impressions,” urged fans Fadeev.

In the end could not stand myself Joe, and almost the first time commented on the message Fadeeva, offering him not to talk but to do something.

“What are you all growling like an aging loser. You get bored in Bali? Not “Muti”, don’t go and change everything, make steeper. Only promises. I’m telling you this out of love for you and your creativity. You’re a genius. Mind your own business. Is you is great. Happy New year! Alla Pugacheva”, – wrote the artist.

Singer and composer Yuri Loza also regularly tries to respond to what is happening on the screen. The author of the “Raft” supported Alexander Volya, Loza agreed with him that the song for Alla – plagiarism: “the man Took sarochanskie song, came up with her new text, changed a bit the tone. And all Pugacheva has sold as his own. Note in touch, even to the grandma do not walk,” he said.

And here’s to the new year’s television Yuri was ready before midnight.

“I feel that the attack on the nervous system remains very sensitive, unless, of course, try to watch all this daring hodgepodge. Provincial would-be poets who write for our comedians try to please the customers, and they, in turn, wish to sing only about themselves. Only someone told those writers that if they take a good old song and compose to her idiotic new text, then all of this would be funny. Will not. Checked. And let the artist “happy” colleagues are hard, cheering, throwing streamers, and all that they have unbridled fun, no they, by and large, no longer believes. But if we all every year worked, quoting Mayakovsky: “and So, it is necessary for someone? So – someone calls these plevochki pearl” – wrote Yuri.

An opinion was expressed by former policeman and now a top-blogger Michael Nefedov.

“Criticism is not benefited, it was noisy almost the entire year, but the main channels of the country have once again demonstrated their care attitude, issuing in a new year broadcast lurid senile show with the antics already quite dusty celebrity,” wrote Michael.

Another popular blogger, which is free from the publications of the plays in theatre and cinema, Stanislav Sadalsky in General, I agree: the new year show he doesn’t like. However, Alla Pugacheva, he still defended.

“Primitive pop on RTR… “new year eve” on the ground… Super, pretty precious, immortal! And as for plagiarism is complete NONSENSE. Envy and perpetual attacks on our great artists who have achieved all their hard work and praised our stage in the USSR and abroad. Allusik is history and pride. The envious say steal. Nothing of the sort. Do not know how to annoy Pugacheva, because she’s the best… Like she was loved and will love. It has just one drawback – Galkin” – was categorical Sadalsky.

By the way, in the end, the hype, the accusations of plagiarism, the hype about the “lights” actually played into the hands of Alla Pugacheva. Her new song is less than three days raised nearly half a million views on YouTube and hit the top of iTunes sales.