Conrad Hilton arrested for car theft

Конрад Хилтон арестован за угон машины

Conrad Hilton was arrested on may 6 for Grand theft auto and violation of restraining orders. 23-year-old brother of Paris and Nicky Hilton again is a disgrace to their good name. Around 4.30 am police received a call that the guy violated a restraining order and broke in to the actress And G. Daley, where he was the former lover of a young man hunter daily Salomon.

Conrad was quickly arrested behind the wheel of a Bentley, owned by his father hunter Rick Salomon. Now Mr. Hilton faces a prison sentence for carjacking and a violation of the court’s decision. The situation is complicated by the fact that this is not the first offense of Conrad for the last time.
Recall that the tro hunter Conrad received in 2015 after his girlfriend left him, and he began to threaten her with suicide and try to blackmail. In 2014, Conrad attacked passengers at the international airport. After the incident, the young man had to be treated against aggressive States in rehabe, but as you can see, the therapy doesn’t help. Last year he had to spend two months in jail for maintaining drug. Only in August 2016, he was released and now can go to jail for a long time.