Conor McGregor has denied its involvement in the “Game of thrones”

Конор МакГрегор опроверг свое участие в «Игре престолов»

A talk-that was Conor McGregor, the Irish fighter of the mixed style said that is not going to appear in the TV series HBO “Game of thrones”, moreover, he never spoke with any of the creators of the TV show about his involvement as an actor.

Conor said that rumour is not necessary, and that only once she heard the offer to star in “Game of thrones”. It came from the representative of the ultimate fighting championship (UFC) in the locker room after one of the battles.
“I had a tough fight. About half an hour I beat the opponent with hands and feet. All rumpled, limp, legs fall off.. and then I offered to star in the TV series “Game of thrones”” recalls Irish and immediately made a reservation that at the same time refused to participate in the filming.
“Anyone from “Game of thrones, I never met”, and now I hear that hell I make a role” says McGregor.
Recall that Conrad starred in the TV series it became known in December last year. Then this information was confirmed by Dana white, the UFC head, and then to the fan site Watchers on the Wall appeared information about the fact that McGregor got the role of silent pirate.