Поздравляем с 56-м Днем Рождения Брэда Питта!

18 Dec is the birthday of brad pitt! To commemorate the special day, we look back at some of our favorite moments of brad with his children, from the red carpet to social events to casual moments together in a weekend! Let’s survive together those precious moments with your children again!
Happy Birthday, Brad Pitt! Today, the outstanding actor and respected veteran of the film industry celebrates 56 years old, and although he had a fascinating career, his personal life has received just as many headlines. Despite the fact that he was an actor, producer and consummate professional, the most important role brad was the father of his six children — Maddox, 18 years old, pax, 16, Male, 14 years old, Shilo, 13, and Vivienne and Knox, 11. Married to 44 – year-old Angelina Jolie, the couple diligently cared for their children, keeping some semblance of a solitary family, giving them the opportunity to join his famous parents on the red carpet and travel around the world!

Поздравляем с 56-м Днем Рождения Брэда Питта!
One delightful moment occurred in the mid-2000s, was when brad and his son Maddox visited a baseball game “Yankees and sailors”! Maddox was so small in the photo. He was sitting on the lap of father brad and has been completely absorbed by the game in which the Yankees defeated the Sailors 12-3 at Yankee stadium in new York. It was a nice moment of fun of the father and the son. And since then, brad has demonstrated his ability to have fun with their children!

Поздравляем с 56-м Днем Рождения Брэда Питта!
During a visit to the 65 th Venice film festival in Italy brad could not take his cute little boy pax. The pair looked so sweet and relaxed when they walked the streets of Italy: brad in beige suit and a white shirt with sunglasses and an appropriate hat and Paks in white pants and shirt of linen. Little pax was not behind his mega in the world of the film industry, star dads, during the holidays of 2008, while brad looked at his son.
Of course, it’s not just a case of when brad shared special moments with their children. 15 Dec 2014 brad attended the premiere of Angelina “Continuous” with their children. Brad stood with their children Maddox, Shiloh and Paccom when they posed for the camera during the ceremony. The Quartet looked so casual and trendy at the premiere, and brad couldn’t be more proud of not only his former wife but also his children for their support!

Brad and his children are clearly left in his life, so many special memories over the years. Despite the fact that he and Angelina at the moment, in the midst of litigation in the race for custody of the children, looking back you can see a lot of shared memories about the family!

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