Confession love assumption: abortion, death of children and prohibitions songs

Исповедь Любови Успенской: аборты, смерть детей и запреты песен The singer became the heroine of the program “Tonight.” Love assumption – one of the most open stars of the Russian show-business. The singer is not shy to talk openly about the tragedies and mistakes of the youth.
Исповедь Любови Успенской: аборты, смерть детей и запреты песен

Love assumption – one of the most fan-favorite performers. Love it for sincerity and sincerity of execution. When the singer appeared in the Studio of the program “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov, the applause did not abate for a very long time.

To support the Love of the assumption came to her friends and colleagues – Philip Kirkorov, Nikolay Baskov, Irina Dubtsova, singer Slava, Glucose and others.

The conversation in the Studio started with a difficult theme for love assumption. Many years ago, she and her husband lost two sons-twins. One child died immediately after birth, the second lived only a week. In the transmission showed the interview with her first husband, Lyubov Uspenskaya Viktor Shumilov, with whom the singer divorced after the death of the children. Lyubov Uspenskaya admitted in criminal abortion

Исповедь Любови Успенской: аборты, смерть детей и запреты песен“Luba fell and hit her stomach, she was put on the preservation, – the man told. – But still premature twins were born, we were told that they will not survive. We signed a paper not to bury the children. So we were told. And now I wonder if we have been deceived. Suddenly at least one child alive.”

Lyubov Uspenskaya immediately stopped the conversation. “I know that the children are dead. I have this theme released… I don’t understand why he says such things,” said the singer.

Host of “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov recalled how in one of the programs Lyubov Uspenskaya made a Frank confession, describing how in his early youth, had an abortion.

Исповедь Любови Успенской: аборты, смерть детей и запреты песен“I confessed because I wanted to hear about it, young girls who start an adult life, and not made this error, came to Lyubov Uspenskaya. – I then thought that it will be able to become a mother. But still, years later I was born Tanya”.

Later in the Studio talking about the time when Lyubov Uspenskaya gained popularity. It happened after the song “Cabriolet”, which became the hallmark of the singer. Wrote poet Ilya Reznik and composer Gary gold. I was talking about how this composition assumption is forbidden to sing.

“I was accused of stealing, illegally I sing it, – said Lyubov Uspenskaya. Today I have another chance to prove that I chalk right on this song. When Ilya Reznik was in America, he was friends with Gary gold and Resnick he sold his songs. Gary purchased these verses for $ 500. Then Gary stopped buying, said that there is no one to sing, and Elijah then told him: Luba sing and asked me to fulfill them. Reznik is a legend, how can he refuse? This honor was, and I agreed. But at some point the butcher something happened, and he began to say that I am illegally singing. Started. In the end, there was information that I am forbidden to sing.”

Lyubov Uspenskaya added that hurt and Gary gold, who has supported her in that moment. Composer and singer stopped to chat.

Исповедь Любови Успенской: аборты, смерть детей и запреты песен

But Gary gold has personally arrived to Moscow from Los Angeles to reconcile with the assumption. He came to the Studio Tonight and told his version of the quarrel with Ilya Reznik, however, about why he did not support the Love of the assumption during the scandal, did not answer.

The first album was produced by Mikhail Shufutinsky, who also came to the Studio program, which was a surprise to Lyubov Uspenskaya.

Исповедь Любови Успенской: аборты, смерть детей и запреты песен“Now I can admit that was in love with Luba, so began to produce it. I knew that my feelings will remain unrequited, because next to it was always elegant gentlemen”, – I told anybody.

Then Lyubov Uspenskaya invited to his luxurious mansion and showed how she lives. The program showed a video taken of the house the singer. Elegant staircase, a living room with a white Grand piano, fireplace, Hamam, swimming pool, garden. Luxury fit for a Queen.

Исповедь Любови Успенской: аборты, смерть детей и запреты песен

After a tour of the house in the Studio appeared husband love the assumption Alexander Plaksin. The man said that one of the fans of the wife and not jealous star wife to him. Husband Lyubov Uspenskaya sold the business to buy a favorite gift

Исповедь Любови Успенской: аборты, смерть детей и запреты песен

One of the admirers of talent of the singer was right there in the Studio. This 13-year-old brother Milan Kerzhakova Vlad Tulips. The boy told that he likes a unique, soulful performances of the assumption. Along with the teen singer sang her hit “To a single, gentle”.

At the end of the program Lubov Uspenskaya told that soon opens karaoke “Luba-lyubonka” and invited everyone to relax in its institution.