Concrete rubble: what’s behind the relationship of Kate moss with a young boyfriend

Графские развалины: что стоит за отношениями Кейт Мосс с молодым бойфрендом The ring on the finger of Kate moss many took as a sign that the model will soon become a Countess – the wife of the heir to the noble name von Bismarck. Actually the ring is not a wedding and the groom are not present.
Графские развалины: что стоит за отношениями Кейт Мосс с молодым бойфрендом

In late July, the 43-year-old supermodel appeared again on the streets of London in the company of 30-year-old boyfriend – count Nikolai von Bismarck. The inhabitants of the British capital have not seen them together since January and decided that Kate’s patience regarding this young man came to an end. Two years of novel she tried several times to send nick his legal mother, but he came back like a boomerang.

This time the count came from America, where “rest” from their traditional way of life in a methadone clinic. The July evening, and he and Kate went to the Apollo theater – watch “Cat on a hot tin roof”. Nicholas looked healthy and much more adequate than usual. And on the ring finger of the left hand Kate shone a gold ring with diamonds. News of the engagement hit the press before it became clear that the model owns the ring for a year and with Bismarck it has nothing to do.

A boy from a good family

Nicholas is in love with Kate with teenage acne. If we were talking about a regular boy, it would have eventually passed. But Nick had the opportunity frequently and directly in contact with her in a luxurious family mansion in Chelsea, so the love only grew stronger. As follows from the name, Nicholas has prapravnuchka German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. His mother, Countess Debbie, have a passion for fashion and considers himself a stylist, so fashion businesses surrounded Nicholas at birth. Kate moss came in their life when the Countess decided to take the mannequin under his wing, to teach them manners and give the gloss, which the young lady from the slums is not enough.

Nicholas with a gloss all right. He graduated from the prestigious harrow school, where tuition costs about $50 thousand a year. And after inhaling from mom relevant fluids at the age of 13 he decided to become a photographer. At the age of 16 Nick was trained in new York at the famous Mario Testino and his first real model was the Princess Beatrice, granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II. There was even talk that young people have happened short childlike romance. At 26 years old guy matured to solo exhibitions. It was dedicated to Ethiopia, where he had to work is not glamorous conditions.

“I drank cow’s blood for Breakfast and slept in a tent under the protection of children with guns, recalled the young count. – Draw Ethiopian pictures, deadened vodka with them and practiced shooting until they recognized me as my own.”
Графские развалины: что стоит за отношениями Кейт Мосс с молодым бойфрендом

All this time, Nicholas did not cease to dream about Kate. When in July 2015 from her home in Haygate moved out husband Jamie Hinz, the guy decided that his time has come.


The first thing Nick asked Kate to live. Said he was close under the parental roof, and moss is a vacant place she could rent. By October 2015, he already lived in the basement of her house, and the neighbors rarely saw them and Kate apart. Friends of the model, it seemed that she wants to make her husband jealous, and Nicholas will go out as soon as Jamie will respond to it. Unless, of course, will not bother her before.

In celebration of his birthday in January 2016 Kate pointedly ignored the young lover, but are unable to force him to leave. Nicholas, who managed to charm armed Ethiopian female whims were not terrible. In February, Jamie Hinz has rewritten the divorce papers, changing the wording of the reasons for “adultery”.

“Jamie pulled with the divorce if Kate wants to keep the family together, say friends of the rocker. But she didn’t even think about it, having fun with Nicholas. Jamie raged with such impudence, cut their pictures out of magazines to use in court.”

Графские развалины: что стоит за отношениями Кейт Мосс с молодым бойфрендом

In June there were rumors that the novel model with the count is once again facing a crisis. But it was short-lived. In July, the lovebirds flew to Venice, where Nicholas made Kate an offer. He booked a table at Ristorante da Ivo in a fictitious name, and in the morning when the other visitors had left, got down on one knee and handed her the sapphire ring.

“Nicholas confessed his love in Italian – said the restaurant owner Giovanni Fracassi. – And then forbade Kate to wear the ring until the divorce with her husband.”

Kate still wore, although the marriage was terminated in October 2016. But then she kicked Nicholas out of the house, saying she was tired to tolerate his drinking spree. Hosted by Kate scandal neighbors described the word “volcanic”. The people wondered, as I had to walk Nick to disturb Kate, who was always famous for the abundance of bad habits. And why is he in this case is still alive. From the cries of Kate’s neighbors also learned that Nick ruined her relationship with her 14-year-old daughter Lila grace.

“They were arguing like teenagers – confirmed friends of the family. Once Nikolai in retaliation for a remark Leela turned off in the entire house Wi-Fi, which for a girl her age is a real tragedy. In the end, Leela asked the mother to expel nick”.

Cooled down, Kate took him back under the condition that he completes detox. But at the same time reconciled with the Countess von Bismarck, who consoled himself with the fact that the vices of her son to blame the “bad influence,” Kate. In the winter of 2017 Nicholas for half a year left for treatment in America.

“Kate was painful to part with him so long, she totally did, say friends of the model. But as man is familiar with the problem, she understood that nick has more chance of success away from their usual habitat”.