Conchita Wurst walked outside in a sheet

Кончита Вурст вышла на улицу в простыне

A bearded woman was spotted in Berlin, where she arrived on awarding one of the prizes. On this day, Conchita appeared before the public in an unusual outfit to the floor.

Conchita Wurst loves feminine outfits and minimalistic basic colors. However, sometimes it still goes too far, trying to look trendy. One of her last toilet was more like a blanket than clothing.

On the streets of Berlin, Conchita Wurst appeared in a white cloak to the floor, under which she wore loose-fitting jeans. All the above mentioned singer looked like he just got out of a Russian bath. Wust added a small black clutch and Nude stiletto boats.

By the way, Conchita Wurst is not the only star who decided to go out in attire, reminiscent of linen. For example, Ani Lorak once tried on a real quilt. However, she did it for the filming of the new clip.

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