Концертного директора DJ Грува задержали по подозрению в убийстве Friends of Denis Kalinin can’t believe that he is able to break the law. If you believe the information that received wide publicity in the man’s apartment found the body of his mother-in-law. According to journalists, Kalinin had a fight with a woman.
Концертного директора DJ Грува задержали по подозрению в убийстве

Journalists report that 34-year-old concert Director DJ Groove, Irena Ponaroshku and Alexander Anatolyevich and Katya Chekhova was arrested on suspicion of murder mother in law. According to preliminary data, the woman’s death was caused by strangulation.

According to information which appeared in the press, the body of the mother-in-law of Dennis Kalinin have found in his apartment. According to correspondents, the man had hurt the woman’s fatal injuries.

“In the crime charged 34-year-old Denis Kalinin, who, after the incident caused “ambulance”. Arriving officers noticed the mess in the apartment and the injuries on the body of an elderly woman. Then the man explained that the mother-in-law is no respecter of persons about him said. Humiliated, Kalinin attacked the pensioner”, – quote journalists a source in law enforcement bodies.

Concerned friends Kalinina discuss the news about his detention in social networks. Many of the familiar men doubt that he could commit a crime. “What kind of nonsense? How so?”, “Don’t believe”, “Hope this is some misunderstanding”, “Hard”, – commented the subscribers concert Director.

Earlier in mass media appeared the news that in the house located in the centre of the capital, the man beat and strangled the mother-in-law. About it told journalists the assistant to head GSU of Investigatory Committee of Russia across Moscow Julia Ivanova.

According to investigators, between 34-year-old accused and the 77-year-old woman sparked the conflict. Figuring out relationships, the inhabitant of the house on Starosadsky lane attacked his mother and caused her injuries, and then strangled. The victim died on the spot, and the perpetrator arrested. According to the media, concerning it criminal case about deliberate causing of heavy harm to health, entailed death of the victim by negligence.

It is reported that the man pleaded guilty, and the investigation began a petition for his arrest. The clarification of the circumstances of death of women continues. At the moment the investigation are investigating the incident and gathering evidence.

Later, the journalists ‘ sources in law enforcement said that the accused – concert Director Denis Kalinin, working with many stars of show business. His wife, working as a flight attendant, is now in Beijing.

According to Mash, the Agency urban news “Moscow” and TASS.