Computed tomography of teeth

Компьютерная томография зубов

Computed tomography – a study which is carried out on special equipment with the impact of the weakened x-rays to identify different kinds of diseases.

Why the need for a CT scan teeth

In the field of dentistry computer-aided diagnosis – the procedure that precedes all processes of dental treatment. It allows you to establish an accurate diagnosis, to determine the status of dental root canals, gum and bone tissue, the presence of abscesses and further define the treatment plan. In contrast to the sighting or panoramic image, which transmit images in two planes, CT allows to obtain a complete three-dimensional image of all components of the dentition.

In modern dentistry computed tomography – a rational and accurate method of diagnosis of the problems of oral and maxillofacial diseases.

The advantages of CT

If you compare this procedure with MRI of the teeth, it is many times more effective, as it allows to detect any anomalies of the bone tissue.

Computed tomography of teeth has many distinctive advantages:

  • the efficiency of the study;
  • accurate detection of various diseases, including Oncology;
  • deep informative content of the obtained three-dimensional images obtained in the CT allows you to assign a precise treatment plan for the patient;
  • the sharpness of the obtained image of the teeth, the channels and the periphery;
  • recording the results on CD-ROM provides a high safety (in case of loss the carrier is always possible to re-contact the clinic and get the results without re-execution of the procedure);
  • a detailed study of injuries of the jaws;
  • identification of improper development and growth of teeth;
  • there is no need in special preparation of the study;
  • the ability to plan for the implantation of teeth.

Harm and contraindications to CT

CT is based on the use of x-rays. Therefore it is not recommended to carry out this procedure too often. can develop radiation sickness. In the field of dentistry, computer tomography risks are minimized due to the fact that x-rays affect a small slave of a jaw segment duration does not exceed 24 seconds, and the radiation dose not exceeding 50 mSv. Special contraindications for a CT scan of the teeth does not exist, but in some cases it is better to abandon it:

  • pregnancy (radiation has a negative impact on fetal development);
  • lactation (if necessary for 24 hours to stop breast-feeding);
  • claustrophobia;
  • hyperkinesis;
  • pain syndromes;
  • the presence of allergic reactions to iodine;
  • renal or hepatic insufficiency;
  • diabetes.

Computed tomography of the jaw at the clinic the TEETH.RU

Computed tomography of the jaw can be held on high-precision equipment in our clinic. We have a modern machine company “Planmeca”, which specializiruetsya in the manufacture of professional equipment for dental clinics. Computed tomography this equipment will allow you to identify:

  • hidden tooth decay;
  • not prorezalsya teeth;
  • tumors;
  • the quality of the sealing or implantation;
  • destruction of bone tissue;
  • inflammation;
  • abnormal development and much more.

Computed tomography of teeth in our clinic will allow us to thoroughly examine the entire oral area of the face to the patient was provided the most effective treatment. This procedure is very safe and accessible to everyone.

Make an appointment now and be confident that CT will allow you to quickly get rid of all problems and diseases.