Completely naked: husband of Natasha Koroleva and took off all

Совсем голый: муж Наташи Королевой снял с себя все

46-summer Sergey Glushko posed for social networking completely naked.

While the Internet boils with indignation because of the pictures of the singer Gluk’oza in a dress with a plunging neckline and ballerina Anastasia Volochkova swimsuit, the husband of Natasha Koroleva has decided to prove that he is the bravest in social networks. The actor took off all his clothes and was photographed!

The picture in which Tarzan is completely naked, covering his hands causal place, he signed modestly: “Good evening.” Fans did not agree, after this photo the evening rather not good, but Oh it’s so hot!

“Many in the 25 only coat look good. Sergey, please, upload more such sexy photos… And how to live… Your wife is a lucky woman!” – posted girls.

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Most women and men half fans of Tarzan impressed by the fact that Sergei for 46 years, and he’s in such a gorgeous form. Directly Hercules of our time!

And for the Frank star has no one condemned, on the contrary, through the account of Tarzan’s followers began to turn to his wife, singer Natasha Koroleva with slogans such as “Natasha, don’t worry! Give us a little more on your husband to see, maybe I’ll post something that will please our eyes. Oh, lucky you!”

It turns out that when you undress women, it is a shame and is man-star to remove his pants, the audience applauds. They say, well done! Come again! Some sort of discrimination! What do you think?

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