BEST ENGLISH SITES FOR BEGINNERS Literally every minute, the relevance of the English language around the world is steadily increasing.

It follows from this that the faster you study it, the faster you will be able to implement your plans, your dreams and desires. famous works of art in the original.

In this regard, in the vastness of the worldwide web, you can find a lot of all kinds of resources that are ready to help people with different levels of language skills in learning the language. Let's take a closer look at some of the resources.

ENGLISH FROM ZERO WITH BISTROENGLISH.COM is an excellent resource that is ideal for those who want to make real progress in language learning but don't wants to turn it into a school routine. This site will allow you to master conversational English from scratch in a fun way.

Here you can count on:

● A diverse collection of materials (video lessons, audio lessons, articles with tips);
● Comprehensive learning: courses for children and adults with any level of English from zero to advanced;
● Sets of words and daily phrases;
● Handy travel phrasebooks;
● A great opportunity to learn a language from movies and songs.

The success of the site is due to the fact that the Russian-speaking teacher Oksana creates learning methods together with real native speakers, so you will not only be able to work out pronunciation and learn to perceive foreign speech by ear, but also avoid typical mistakes that Russian-speaking students often make.
The resource is aimed at teaching the language to users with different levels of language knowledge.


The resource of the British Council, which develops cooperation in such areas as culture, art , education. By visiting the home page of the site, you immediately get the opportunity to read the news.

The resource is rich in educational text material for every taste. However, in addition to this, here you can watch various video tutorials and podcasts. For beginners, this site can be difficult, since all materials are presented exclusively in English.


The resource has a large number of quizzes, the passage of which will be useful in terms of consolidating the material. You can choose the training depending on the level of difficulty and skill, for example:

● Writing;
● Grammar;
● Reading;
● Listening comprehension.


On this portal you can easily improve your language skills through exercises and games. Yes, the site is completely in English, which can be useful, but it will be difficult for beginners to master new material.


The resource belongs to the British educational radio station BBC. Here you will find materials for learning vocabulary and grammar. True, this resource is also exclusively in English, so it will be more useful for those who already know it at a certain level.

We have considered far from the only sites for learning foreign languages, but definitely the best. The main thing is to remember, no matter what resource you choose, you will have to be patient in advance, as well as cultivate self-discipline that will allow you not to miss classes and steadily improve your level of language proficiency.

Thanks to the interesting approach of learning will be as easy and fun as possible.

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