Company GREKODOM told about the benefits of real estate investment in Cyprus

Компания GREKODOM рассказала о преимуществах инвестиций в недвижимость на Кипре

Specialists of the company GREKODOM told about the peculiarities of investing in real estate on the island of Cyprus. This investment will provide the investor with a high standard of living, the possibility of obtaining a residence permit, and then the passport of the citizen of the EU.

Company GREKODOM offers tours for customers who wish to purchase housing on the island. One of the options will cost just one Euro: the offer is valid for those who have decided to invest in Cyprus property. To select any object, simply select the area on the interactive map Paradise Islands. Property management will also take on the company.

The acquisition of property in Cyprus — great investment

The company GREKODOM not only will help you to choose the option which will suit in terms of location and Finance, but also will be engaged in registration of all necessary documents. Cyprus is a unique island. A wonderful climate, a huge Russian-speaking Diaspora and the friendly attitude of the locals — the reasons why many decide to purchase real estate here for permanent residence. Objects for sale can be found on the page Buyers who choose to move to the island, care about the future of their children, the education system in Cyprus is of high standards and low tuition.

The island is included in the top ten safest countries in the world, it is clean, on motorways, no traffic jams, the ecological environment is beautiful. Plays an important role and transport accessibility of the Republic. The flights to this country carry more than sixty largest airlines in the world. Why so many customers GREKODOM buy objects not for permanent residence, and as a “house by the sea”. This is an opportunity to regularly come on holiday or to pass the object property to rent. This solution brings a significant profit, wishing to rent apartment or Villa in Cyprus very much.

A stable economic situation is largely due to the good location of the island. It is on the crossroads of sea and air routes. Experts believe that in a few years, the Republic will become one of the largest shopping centres of the Mediterranean. Now in Cyprus have opened their branches several hundred foreign companies. A huge contribution to the budget of the country makes the tourism resorts of the island are popular all over the world.

Expertise GREKODOM

If you decide to purchase a residential property on Paradise island, the team of experts GREKODOM will have full support. Clients are guaranteed full legal support of transactions, support in credit and obtaining a permanent residence permit (citizenship).