СКОРО: онлайн-трансляция богемной вечеринки в лучшем отеле Москвы
Live with a closed star party will start at 20 hours.

Aglaia Tarasova

Photo: Olga Pavlova

A celebrity the day before received a personal invitation to the
private party in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Ritz-Carlton.

From the roof terrace of this hotel offers the most beautiful
view of the center of Moscow and there was the photo shoot of many stars,
the number of Aglaia Tarasova, Elena Flying, Oleg Tabakov, Marina Suginoi, Sergey
Bezrukov, Anna matison, for the magazine “7 days”.

Today, the party will meet the most famous people of our
of the country. Watch live webcast at 20 o’clock Moscow time.