«Вернусь к тебе, как корабли из песни»: главные женщины в жизни Высоцкого Today has left the life of his first wife Iza. In addition to this marriage Vladimir Vysotsky was married three more times. Each of his chosen still fondly remembers Barda.
«Вернусь к тебе, как корабли из песни»: главные женщины в жизни Высоцкого

Early this morning died Izolda Konstantinovna worked for. The actress spent 48 years in Nizhny Tagil drama theatre. She was buried July 22. This woman was the only lady of Vladimir Vysotsky, who bears his name.


The actor and singer has always been very bold man, who drew the attention of many women. However, for Isolde, he had long to care. She was already in the third year of the School-Studio of MKHAT, when Vysotsky only enrolled in an educational institution. Iza was then married, but are unable to resist the charisma of the young man. In 1957 they began to live together, although the actress has not yet divorced. Iza suffered and alcoholism Vladimir and his partying, and his relatives. During the first three years of relationship they had to leave, since Iza worked in Kiev, and Vladimir Vysotsky in Moscow. In April 1960 they were married. The actress moved to the capital, and they began to live together. However, to have a baby husband she was not meant to be. First, the ISA had an abortion at the beginning of their romance, and the second child she lost. About this incident she said with pain.

“I don’t remember a single word that is shouted to us that morning is quite different, Nina Maksimovna – terrible and cruel, who did not want to become a grandmother. We sat in bed, stunned, not daring to get up, to defend myself… Some sort of black hole – again an abortion. I disgust myself, Volodya drinks. After many many years, I learned that Volodya cried at the hospital…” — shared Vysotskaya.

«Вернусь к тебе, как корабли из песни»: главные женщины в жизни Высоцкого

However, she still managed to be a mom, but after parting with Vladimir. In 1965 she gave birth to son Gleb. Vysotsky divorced, as the singer cheated on her with Lyudmila Abramova.

“The next day we hands went to apply for a divorce. Wandering, came to the house where he lived I. Tarkhanov. Remembered how he sat in a long narrow room, drinking Chianti from a wicker round bottle from Italy. He paused, pressed against, and went in an official institution. We agreed that I will retain the name. In may 1965 came a piece of paper with a stubby hand. She informed me that “marriage dissolved”. She didn’t notify me — I do not believe Treasury securities” — so says the ISA in his book “a Short happiness for a lifetime”.

Lyudmila Abramova

«Вернусь к тебе, как корабли из песни»: главные женщины в жизни Высоцкого

Vysotsky met with a young actress in the film “713-th requested landing” in Leningrad. She rescued him one evening when he had nothing to pay for dinner. The actors fell in love with each other, and then together arrived to Moscow. Until 1965, the Vladimir and Lyudmila lived in a civil marriage. They were married after the birth of two sons, Arkady and Nikita. However, despite the fact that the bard admired his wife, they lived together for a short time. In 1970 the artist was a new whirlwind romance with Marina Vlady.

“What I can take offense? Next to me lived a miracle! I loved and continue to love. Because Volodya was an easy man. In the last years of his life he had problems, I knew about them but didn’t realise the extent of the severity of his physical condition. He came to us with a cheerful face, a Cup of tea to brew, joke. The book I brought, for instance, Berdyaev, who was then in the Soviet Union was impossible to get. I gave everything in the Museum except for one thing — a pebble, with which Vladimir always went on stage in the play “Life of Galileo”. When the show was taken off the repertoire, he gave it to me…” — many years later, said Lyudmila.

Marina Vlady

«Вернусь к тебе, как корабли из песни»: главные женщины в жизни Высоцкого

For the first time Marina Vlady, who lived in the late 1960-ies in France, saw Vysotsky at the Taganka Theater. He was rehearsing the play “Pugachev”. First, Vysotsky did not like the actress, but drew her in their conversations. After some time between them broke out feeling.

In 1967, the artist devoted the woman he loves the song “the crystal House”.

“I can’t get rid of the rest:
After all, what was in my soul for the year ahead,
Not knowing, she took with her —
First the port and then into the plane.”

French actress and singer-songwriter for a long time lived in two countries: phoned and flew towards each other. 1 Dec 1970 they issued the relations in the Griboedov registry office. And the groom and the bride decided not to hold a big celebration, so come to the painted sweatshirts. Vysotsky was so in love with Marina that was dedicated to her dozens of poems.

«Вернусь к тебе, как корабли из песни»: главные женщины в жизни Высоцкого

Marina Vlady and maintained relations with Vladimir even after parting with the bard, in that difficult period when he was addicted to morphine. He only she had admitted it, and tried to hide addiction. According to various sources, the dependence of the artist began in 1975. In one of the documentary film, Marina Vlady barely holding back tears, remembering Vladimir.

“My heart hurts a little bit. Because it is very difficult to dive into the past, in a past life. In this remarkable and dramatic part of our history. We lived 12 years together, and it’s not enough”, — said the actress.

Oksana Afanasyeva

However, in the last two years of his life Vysotsky was a tumultuous affair with a young student, Oksana Afanasyeva. 18-year-old girl came to the Taganka Theatre, and Vysotsky as soon as I saw her, almost immediately fell in love. She lived as in a fairy tale trip to Moscow, a foreign car artist, expensive dresses and 17 pairs of shoes, and adoration from the one of the most eligible men in the USSR. However, like other women, she had to deal with alcoholism, and cheating. But she endured, even his dependence on illicit substances. Once she even had to take the singer to drugs in Uzbekistan, where he was then staying. The last few weeks of the life of Vladimir Vysotsky she was with him.

“Volodya was a premonition. Day he said, “Today I die”. “Volodya, don’t be silly”. — “No, you are talking nonsense”. He was calm. I’m asleep just because I felt a kind of strange silence and he stopped screaming. He said: “I feel fine, I go to sleep” “Yes? Are you sure?” And that’s just for the three hours that I slept, he obviously died,” said Oksana.

For many years Afanasyev married to Leonid Yarmolnik. With him she had met a few years after die.