Coming back: J. Lo stole ex-husband, 28-year-old model

Come back: Джей Ло увела бывшего мужа у 28-летней модели

Moreover, the singer and actress wants to give him more children

47-year-old star, known throughout the world, it seems, decided to stop seeking the love of his life. Probably J. Lo realized that 12 years ago, she did everything right when she married the future father of her children Marc Anthony. It was a mistake to divorce the singer in the summer of 2014.

The Western media and their close to Jennifer Lopez sources already trumpeting the fact that its recent joint appearance with mark hints that their feelings have flashed with new force. A gentle kiss in front of thousands of spectators and the world’s paparazzi and does not leave doubts…

According to the American “OK!”, the singer put a lot of effort, to wife of Anthony, model Shannon de Lima filed the documents for divorce and received it in November. Moreover, the actress is so inspired by the fact that the 48-year-old father of her children-twins now free that said environment plans again to become a mother. Such conversations would hardly have taken place if he and Anthony wanted to be reunited with his ex-wife. They are already planning to move in together, especially 8-year-old Max and Emma are delighted with this idea.

However, fans of the couple it is too early to rejoice, because none of them official statements did not.

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Recall that Lopez was officially married three times. First wedding singer and the actress played with the waiter of Ojani Noa in 1997. A year later they divorced. The second time the actress was married to dancer Chris Judd. Love at 4 months and again divorce.

Familiarity with Marc Anthony happened long before the official date of their wedding June 5, 2004. J. Lo met him in the late 90’s, but marry him is not gone. But after years they were destined to meet again. In February 2008 born their son and daughter. However, bonded children Alliance has cracked in three years. However, Anthony and Lopez three years could not be resolved at the final break. But in 2014 he signed the divorce papers.

Three years after the breakup with the father of her children, the singer met with a young dancer Casper SmarTeam. They broke up in 2014, but less than a year got back together. Despite all the talk about the wedding, the star decided not to withdraw the relationship with the dancer to a new level in August of 2016 officially announced that free.

Mark well before I met Jenny, she was twice married to the owner of a crown “Miss universe” Dayanara Torres: they got married in 2000, gave birth to two sons, divorced in 2002, and after a couple months got married again not stretching out after the second wedding and two years. Immediately after the official divorce with Torres, Anthony married Lopez. Third marriage he made with Shannon De Lima in late 2014. Two years later they divorced. All of the singer’s five children – in 1994, the year he gave birth to a son-girlfriend Debbie Rosado, a police officer.