Comedian Svetlana Rozhkova seriously ill

Юмористка Светлана Рожкова тяжело больна Comedian visited the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Svetlana Rozhkova told the TV host about how several times almost died. The actress also told that today continues to fight for life.

Svetlana Rozhkova became famous after appearances in the television show “full House”. The Joker liked by the audience in the role of a caring mother-in-law, jealous wives, fortune tellers. The artist, as it turned out, was several times on the verge of life and death.

Honored artist said in the program “the Destiny of man” Boris Korchevnikov how she managed to overcome all these trials…

Today Svetlana Rozhkova happily married with Yuri Evdokunin. Comedian was married twice, first wife of Andrei Bogdanov she left in her youth. In this Union, Svetlana had a daughter Jan. Soon Rozhkov met Evdokunin. For a long time the couple had not registered the relationship. “He was a great choice, actually. He girls changed like a glove” – said Rozhkov.

Svetlana said that was to get an apartment in the capital, it was necessary to be legally married. So the Joker she offered Yuri to marry her. And soon the couple had a second heir to the barbarian.

Earlier, the Joker never told, the grief is behind her seemingly happy life. During the program, Svetlana said that he had undergone two clinical death.

“I have had two episodes of clinical death. Once foolishly, in my past. I don’t drink alcohol at all, and here… once on an empty stomach took and drank a lot of alcohol. Heart stopped. Those who were close to me, called an ambulance. The doctors I was hit in the chest, so do so that the heart got, broke a rib, but nevertheless, heart pounding,” – said Svetlana.

The second episode with the Joker happened on the street. Husband of the artist still blames himself for not being able to protect them from accidents.

“We were walking with Yuri in Kislovodsk. Was lighted streets, all was visible and I got hit by a car… I ended up on the hood, it turned out that my sweater saved my life. Because of him I slid under the wheel, and the driver disappeared, never found. Yura then took me to the hospital. My parents, they probably still resentment at her husband. This is a natural reaction of mom and dad”.

According to umoristici, she survived thanks to the doctors and the belief that death avoid.

“I fought with the help of physicians, trauma surgeons. I remember moments when I was struggling. I saw the tunnel I was shaking from side to side, the light ahead… Like in the movies. And I’m flying through the light. I understand that there is someone there, he is talking about me. At some unknown language, but I understand what he’s saying: “For her the time has not come”. And I woke up,” said Rozhkov.

Svetlana survived. Today, the Joker enjoys every moment. The actress is thankful for all the trials that befell her. The presenter asked the heroine as she now feels. The Joker replied evasively to the question. Svetlana said that three years ago the doctors gave her a disappointing diagnosis, they predicted that she could live for a year and a half. Rozhkov did not name the disease, which is struggling today. Artiste, just announced that it is undergoing treatment, her daughter and husband support her.

“No need to think about it, just live it! No need to think about what will happen tomorrow. We must live for today, every minute of it. I told them about my life in detail for the first time on this program. Need to enjoy, to savor every moment, it is not necessary to return to the past!”said the Joker at the end of the talk show.