Comedian from Stand Up wished the spectator, who lost his father to die

Юморист из Stand Up пожелал зрительнице, потерявшей отца, сдохнуть Nurlan Saburov rigidly behaved during the performance. In Surgut showman was outraged when one girl loudly answered the phone. Comedian sharply reacted to such behavior of the spectators. When she left the room, he made unflattering comments about her.

Last weekend Nurlan Saburov performed a concert in Surgut. Star Stand Up sometimes tries to involve the audience in their performances. Sometimes a comedian making fun of someone in the audience. However, his last statement to the girl, suddenly left the room, made a lot of noise.

A woman answered a phone call during number Saburov. She spoke very emotionally and repeatedly shouted the word: “Mother!” When the girl left the room, he allowed himself to address her in the following sentence: “I Hope you die!”

At the end of the evening it became clear that the spectators left the performances as on the phone she was told about his father’s death. The people who heard about this story, snapped with sharp criticism of Saburova. His page on Instagram was filled with angry comments.

“What does that even mean? You really think that to say that this is funny? The girl came to your concert and you showed such disrespect. It is clear that you did not know that her father died. But even if she just got up and left, you had no right to such a phrase. It’s a shame!”, “I am ashamed that you are my countryman, and we’re from the same city. Money and fame you obviously messed up”, “the Cynicism of the scene you have in Comedy and Stand Up, look, trendy. But guys, see the shore,” wrote netizens.

By the way, Saburov known sharp jokes against women. Some of the monologues he belittles the intellectual development level of the fair sex. “You know, I’m very often in Russia, but still do not understand Russian women. First of all I do not understand the phrase: “Can you think of?”. Now I don’t mean just “to think”, and “can you think of?”. Do you know them? When this woman speaks, I want to come up and ask: “So what’s stopping you? Think about it. I can see that it’s not yours, but maybe as a hobby?” – just kidding artist in one of their rooms.

We will remind, Nurlan Saburov came to the project of channel TNT in 2014. Prior to that, he studied in Yekaterinburg. He has a wife and a daughter who was born when he was still a student.