Коллекция кухонь Taylor&Ava итальянской фабрики Bordignon Camillo

For more than 40 years factory “Bordignon Camillo” produces exclusive furniture made of solid Italian walnut. Over the years a small family business has grown to the scale of the brand with a world name.

Introducing a new collection of Bordignon Camillo — Taylor&Ava.

General view of the collection suggests that the Italian designers managed the impossible — to combine poignant the luxury of art Deco, the simple functionality of the motifs of the Biedermeier in the exclusive modern furniture.

There are no imitations, are able to reduce the interior. Leather remains leather, wood — wood and marble — marble. The effect of visual harmony collection is achieved using classic techniques — the symmetry, balance, proportions, rhythm of colors and patterns, collecting disparate objects into a unified whole.

Hall Taylor

In furniture for the lobby do not exist for traditional art Deco excesses, but the style is read from the vigour of broad curves, the brutality of stepped forms podstole and decorative screens.

Коллекция кухонь Taylor&Ava итальянской фабрики Bordignon Camillo

Countertops made from natural wood and leather. Bright leather armchair on tapered legs of square section to visually free up space under it, without breaking the proportions of the room. In the finishing of the walls used a symmetrical alternation of light panels with bas-reliefs of baksanskoe ceramics, dark boiserie panels, veneered in Italian walnut.

Living Taylor

Elegant shapes of soft pieces of furniture complemented by geometric decorations in the form of metal inserts with the effect of shining bronze. Leather excellent workmanship, without sagging, with double stitching. Coffee, peredivannya and coffee tables for living room made of wood and elegant tables-pedestal tables — made of metal, with leather edging of the countertops.

Коллекция кухонь Taylor&Ava итальянской фабрики Bordignon Camillo

High cabinets are presented in the form of one-and two-door Cabinet showcases with transparent glazing. Low option — three-door cupboard. The door is inlaid with metal strips. As the semantic centre provides a TV Cabinet.

Коллекция кухонь Taylor&Ava итальянской фабрики Bordignon Camillo

The highlight of the living room — ceramic panel, consisting of bas-relief and high relief of circles in shades from green to fiery bronze. Composition completes the metal screen trim which is exactly the same podstolya Haritonov.

Kitchen Taylor

Natural shades, marble as one of the main characters, eco-friendliness without compromising the extreme functionality, the reinterpretation of art Deco and the “invisible” kitchen design, which fully corresponds to the interior of the other rooms. This is a brief description of recent trends in the world of furniture stores and kitchen Taylor from Bordignon Camillo.

Коллекция кухонь Taylor&Ava итальянской фабрики Bordignon Camillo

Kitchen set includes:

  • The rack or a wine Cabinet with doors from transparent glass in a wooden case. Smooth the geometric design of the Cabinet knobs echoes the items in this collection to other rooms.
  • Overhead and floor cabinets with hinged doors or drawers. Front color can be monochromatic or contrasting. The doors — dull or semi-Matt glazing.
  • One – and two-door tall cabinets with solid fronts, hiding appliances or baskets to store utensils.
  • The pencil case under the built-in oven and microwave.
  • Kitchen island, complemented by a small bar and upholstered bar stools medium height.

Коллекция кухонь Taylor&Ava итальянской фабрики Bordignon Camillo

All of the countertop in addition to wooden bar, made of natural marble. Provided extended forward work area around the sink. Enclosures cabinets and blind facades are made of solid walnut

The facades of kitchen units with built-in wide bronze plates provide the kitchen a visual identity to the rest of the collection. They contribute to the stylistic balance and division of food functional sector.

Dining Room Taylor

The ability to transform space is the basic standard requirement for Europe and the world. Mobility planning in functional areas — a trend that will remain relevant for the next decade, as its appearance is not due to momentary fashion, and cultural shift towards conscious consumption. Luxurious furniture now also have to satisfy these conditions.

Коллекция кухонь Taylor&Ava итальянской фабрики Bordignon Camillo

Sliding doors, mirrors and diverse panels in the composition for Taylor dining room allow to reach the maximum variability of the interior space. In addition to these, the kit consists of traditional pieces — a leather chair with solid or open backs, large dining and smaller round table as well as tables with drawers and doors in the manner of Italian kredentsy.

Office Taylor

Boiserie for the office, repeating the rounded corners of the outline of the desktop is inlaid with leather linings and inserts of metal. These panels are available in contrasting versions with light or dark top. Armchair chair presents the rotating and static models, with or without armrests. Console tables and cabinets, cabinets for books and documents in a flawless performance joinery are simply the geometry of the wooden hulls.

Коллекция кухонь Taylor&Ava итальянской фабрики Bordignon Camillo

Motif brushed bronze finish Desk is duplicated in other elements of the collection. Confident and wide metal lines in here become the main semantic and rhythmic accent.

Коллекция кухонь Taylor&Ava итальянской фабрики Bordignon Camillo

Business card art Deco stylized fountain or a peacock’s tail — are present in the kind of finishing wall panels that allow you to fit the furniture in any space.

Bedroom Ava

Polychrome boiserie used for the walls of the bedroom, decorated with layers. Gamma the basics — colors of crushed Topaz and a coating of vegetative bas — relief gold leaf. Ceramic relief made by hand in the old Italian technique Bassanese.

Коллекция кухонь Taylor&Ava итальянской фабрики Bordignon Camillo

The basis of the composition is a double bed with leather headboard and valance, bedside bench and bedside tables with drawers. Additional items — a chest of drawers and mirror, a small table with elegant chairs and panels.

Also provided furniture for the ladies and a dressing room part:

The ladies ‘ boudoir part — dressing table with cushioned bench and a special panel — ceramic bas-relief on the glossy copper. The luxury of this combination of tone corresponds to the classical motifs in the style of Louis XIV, and the symbolism of the image — medieval chinoiserie.

Closet consists of a separate open sections for clothes with hanging systems, shelves and drawers and lockable cabinets with transparent glass doors. Also the composition has Cabinet island with built-in organizers for small things and a chandelier.

Products Bordignon Camillo is not just furniture, and built-in full authentic interior, able to transform at the request of owners. View the latest collection factories, as well as get more advice on interior design and the ordering of Italian furniture, you can on the website of the Studio of Italian cuisine.

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