Коллеги Раисы Мухаметшиной шокированы её падением в шахту лифта
Honored artist of the Russian Federation urgently hospitalized.

Raisa Mukhametshina

As it became known, yesterday in accident honored artist — Raisa Mukhametshina was urgently hospitalized. According to media reports, the actress fell into the Elevator shaft at the Institute of Theatrical art.

The exact circumstances of the incident are not established yet, but we already know that Mukhametshin in the fall, received a traumatic brain injury. Colleagues and students were shocked by the news about the accident. The tragic incident happened on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Soviet artist.

By the way, in addition to sparkling parodies of popular artists in the author’s program “Alone with the stars,” Mukhametshin remembered by the audience for its work on children’s cartoons. It was the voice of many cartoon characters, including mega and loved by a lot kids character — Nuts “Chip and Dale”.