Colleagues presented Sobchak mom and drew this!

Коллеги представили Собчак мамой и нарисовали это!

Such an unusual greeting was waiting for Ksenia in the native version.

Last weekend Kseniya had become a year older. However lush the celebrations leading roll did not… Celebrated a birthday with family.

And yet one more surprise she to Dodge failed. Colleagues at the magazine where she is editor-in-chief, has made her a map of desires. And, of course, future child star took her pride of place!

“My wonderful drimtim! Thank you for what you have! Because you are so talented and beautiful! For what suffer “what is this…?” on editorial boards and for the fact that even at two in the morning answering my texts in the group! You are the best!!! I love you very much and appreciate! This Board “desires” will hang in pride of place!!!❤ I❤ I❤ it’s amazing and very touched!” – enjoyed the surprise Ksenia and boasted a gift to their fans.

Well, those are of course not overlooked that in addition to fashion bows and receptions appeared on the map and the kid.

“Xenia, you’re a great mom”, “35 motherhood feel special, I envy white envy” – they wrote.

Recall that the addition to the family is expected very soon. According to doctors, She should give birth in November. For Sobchak this child will be the first, but already Maxim Vitorgan has two children from his first marriage – daughter Pauline and son Daniel.