Colleagues of Elena Kamburova clear message about her stroke

Коллеги Елены Камбуровой прояснили сообщения о ее инсульте On the eve appeared in the media information about the deterioration of health of the famous actress and singer. It was alleged that Elena Kamburova bad feeling and turned to medical professionals. The staff of theatre under the stars has revealed the truth about her condition.
Коллеги Елены Камбуровой прояснили сообщения о ее инсульте

The night before in mass media there was information that the 76-year-old people’s artist of Russia Elena Kamburova was urgently hospitalized. It was alleged that the celebrity wasn’t feeling well, and after examination, the doctors diagnosed her with a stroke. Correspondents reported that the actress was reportedly taken to the neurological intensive care unit.

Later, the assistant of the star told reporters that the actress is all right, and it feels good. A few hours later at the page of Theatre of music and poetry under the direction of Elena Kamburova has an official message in which said information about the status of stars. Colleagues of the actress have denied that she had a stroke. Currently, the actress is seen in doctors.

“Friends, we are here to ask about the status of Elena Antonovna Kamburova — some media wrote that she was in the hospital. She really felt bad, went to the doctor and is now undergoing examination at the clinic. And what about stroke media just rushed — until a diagnosis she was not delivered. She’s better now, thank you all for your concern. We will keep you informed and report about her health,” wrote representatives of cultural institutions in social networks.

Fans of celebrities wished her a speedy recovery and thanked him for the prompt information about her health. “Elena Antonovna — our real national treasure! Love her work with youth and believe that all will be well! It is very necessary to us all!” “Believe, pray and wait”, “Thank you for wrote. And that scared with this diagnosis”, “I Love Godunov and in one person, she’s the one”, “Indispensable Elena Antonovna — vitality, tranquility, joy! All will be well. God Bless. Heart you,” — wrote in comments to the messages of the theatre under the stars.

Add that Elena Kamburova — actress, singer and artistic Director of her Theatre, music and poetry. Millions of Soviet viewers heard the voice of the star in such famous films as “Slave of love”, “promised Heaven”, “the adventures of electronics”, “Us crowned not in Church”, “Come see me”, “My favorite detective”, “Passenger from the equator” and in the newsreel “jumble” and the program “good night, kids”. In 1995, Elena A. was awarded the title of people’s artist of Russia.