Colleagues of Dmitry Nagiyev brought him to tears

Коллеги Дмитрия Нагиева довели его до слез The actor has presented in Cannes the new film “Unforgiven,” which the Russian spectators will see only at the end of September. During a conversation with journalists Dmitry Nagiyev told what he was caught in the script of the film, and shed light on the rumors about a fabulous income.
Коллеги Дмитрия Нагиева довели его до слез

In the framework of the Russian pavilion in Cannes, the presentation of the drama sarika Andreasian “Unforgiven”. About the film makers and the lead actor Dmitry Nagiyev. The showman was unable to attend the premiere of the film held in late April at the festival for participating in the filming of the show “the Voice. Children,” but found time in his busy schedule to fly to the Cote d’azur.

The movie “Unforgiven” tells the story of a man who lost his entire family in a plane crash over lake Constance. Harvey explained to reporters why he agreed to participate in the project Andreasyan. Director Dmitry sent the script and he started reading it before bed. The text is so strongly impressed the showman that he was unable to restrain his emotions.

“This is a rare case when the material is strong at the level of written work. Because very often, the filmmakers sent the script and say, well, here we are, probably, slightly will change. What I read in “Unforgiven,” there was nothing to change. It was a deep, scary piece that has unsettled me for a few days. I tell the truth, I actually unsubscribed to him in the third hour of the night that I read that I cried. Maybe because I’m an old, sentimental man already, and maybe it was really so much”, – told the artist in a recent interview.

According to Nagiyev, it was difficult to play in this film. Work on the role the actor has described the “exhausting internally”. Before the artist had a task not to spoil the original intent of the writers and Director.

The budget of the film made an impressive $ 1.5 million dollars. Speaking to reporters, Harvey has denied the rumors about fabulous fees. The actor claims that he worked for “a very modest money”. According to Dmitry, any foreign artist to pay much more. Your income he called ridiculous. Nagiyev said that replicable information on six-figure sums in foreign currency, which he receives, is not true. “I am in search of the money,” jokes the entertainer.

Naghiyev also explained how to construct his work. The entertainer has an agreement with the First channel, according to which he is obliged to be broadcast. Being an Executive person, the actor is trying not to break the rules. “Everything else I watch, I choose. Let’s just say, I’m in the stage of development of the moral and material when I can afford a little digging in the material”, – said Dmitry with Business FM.