Коллеги Александра Михайлова поведали о суровых жизненных испытаниях On the creative evening of the actor gathered his many friends. Many of them had to face tragedies. Alexander Mikhailov told about the secret to a good marriage with a beloved spouse.
Коллеги Александра Михайлова поведали о суровых жизненных испытаниях

Actor Alexander Mikhailov became the hero of the next program “Hello Andrew”. In the Studio were not only the relatives of the artist, but many of his colleagues on the set. So, the man was able to see the performers of the main roles in the film “Lonely the hostel”. As it turned out, all the stars of the famous film has not developed personal life.

So, Elena Skorokhodova, who played the role of Galina, admits that both of the marriages failed. Moreover, problems in his personal life has inspired her to create the continuation of the famous film.

“And let’s remove the “Lonely provided hostel 2″. What? The film is still popular with viewers, and we all suddenly found ourselves alone. Who divorced who are widow. So it all came together,” said Skorokhodova.
Коллеги Александра Михайлова поведали о суровых жизненных испытаниях

Her idea was supported by all actors involved in the filming of the original film. Even Lyudmila Shevel, who has been not appearing in the movie, I agree to return to her famous role.

In the program “Hello, Andrew,” Ludmila said, why suddenly left the profession. As it turned out, the decision was made due to tragic life circumstances.

“I lost my husband in the mid 90’s, had to completely provide for the family, pull all by yourself. The death of a beloved, of course, was a shock for me. And eight years ago my mother broke her hip. Now I am all the time next to her, looked after, looked after. I really want to get back into the profession, to play something else, but I can’t leave my family. It’s my duty,” said Shevel.
Коллеги Александра Михайлова поведали о суровых жизненных испытаниях

Also in the Studio appeared actor Michael Buzylev-Krazo, who played the part of Stepan in the movie “Men!”. Now the man is not a performer and engaged in social activities. He also had to face a severe test, after all, his father Dmitry Buzylev for many months struggling with a serious illness.

“Forecasts are not the best. Dad is in intensive care for the third month, but is fighting for her life. We all hope that he will be able to get out and get back to work and creativity,” said Michael.

Of course, the guests of the program were relatives of Alexander Mikhailov. His daughters are engaged in creative work and build an acting career. The man himself has 15 years of happy marriage with Oksana Vasilyeva. The couple have a decent age difference, but it did not interfere with their life together.

Коллеги Александра Михайлова поведали о суровых жизненных испытаниях“We’re with Oksana born on the same day, 5 October. So also her great-grandfather’s name was Mikhailov. Isn’t that fate? We love each other, rarely fight and are willing to forgive each other any mistakes. It is happiness,” – said Mikhailov.

The actor is still starring in films and plays on the stage. He has long been accustomed to increased attention from fans, but tries not to advertise personal life. The man said that he considers himself a perfectly happy man who in all things lucky.