Коллеги скорбят по оскароносному режиссеру Майклу Чимино In the United States on 78-m to year of life died one of the most respected filmmakers in the world. He was the winner of the Academy award. Among his other famous works Cimino — “thunderbolt and Bistronica”, “year of the dragon” and “desperate Hours”. Robert de Niro said that he will never forget.

    Коллеги скорбят по оскароносному режиссеру Майклу Чимино

    In Los Angeles at the age of 77 years died a famous film Director Michael Cimino. The news reported about it in his “Twitter” the Director of the Cannes film festival Terry Fremaux. According to him, Cimino died surrounded by loved ones.

    “Michael Cimino passed away in silence, surrounded by the closest people, including the two women (wife and daughter Cimino — approx.) who loved him. We loved him,” wrote Terry Fremaux in social networks. To his post he also added a photo of the Director and his family.
    Коллеги скорбят по оскароносному режиссеру Майклу Чимино

    Colleagues and foreign journalists began to mourn for a dead Hollywood star. Actor Robert de Niro, who played a major role in the legendary film “the deer Hunter” has sent The Hollywood Reporter a short message in which he wrote that I will never forget Cimino.

    “I will always remember our work together with Michael. I will miss him” — this was a note sent to American journalists Robert de Niro.

    “I’m sorry, I’m not paid tribute to Michael Cimino, when he was alive. He was really important and talented filmmakers. We will never forget his work,” shared on Twitter” the Director of the film “the exorcist” and “French connection”, William Friedkin.

    “I can’t believe Michael Cimino passed away. “Thunder and skipjack” was one of my favorite paintings. R. I. P,” wrote on Twitter the actor and Director Edgar Wright.

    “Michael Cimino made one great movie called “the deer Hunter”, and it is much more than occasionally other Directors in their entire career. Rest in peace,” said the actor Frank Conniff.

    Media representatives also recalled the last interview with Cimino. In them he admitted that doesn’t like to be a public person and doesn’t need this. He also praised one of the last works of Clint Eastwood’s film “American sniper” and said that he did not think she looked like “deer Hunter”.

    Michael Cimino was born in February 1939 in new York. He was a Director, screenwriter and producer. A graduate of Yale University, he worked for a time in advertising, and then started to make a movie. Among his most famous paintings — “the thunderdrum and Bistronica” (1974), “the deer Hunter” (1978), “the year of the dragon” (1985), “desperate Hours” (1990). The most famous Cimino brought the film “the deer Hunter” with Robert de Niro. He has received five Academy awards, including best film of the year and outstanding direction.

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