Colleague Ksenia Sobchak confirmed her pregnancy

Коллега Ксении Собчак подтвердила ее беременность For the first time mother, the presenter began in November 2016. Recently Ksenia Sobchak once again fueled rumors of a second pregnancy, which was confirmed by the wife of rapper MC Dino.
Коллега Ксении Собчак подтвердила ее беременность

Talk about the fact that the 36-year-old TV star will be mother to appear with surprising regularity. Here are just a very Kseniya A. does not want to publicize the details of his personal life. About the first pregnancy Sobchak was not announced publicly, but was not trying to hide, appearing on one of St. Petersburg events in a tight dress.

Two days ago, Ksenia has triggered talk about his interesting position, which was confirmed by the wife of rapper MC Dino. Both young mothers were present at the award of the FB. Under the photo of the party Mishan on the question of pregnancy colleagues responded with an eloquent “Yes.”

Коллега Ксении Собчак подтвердила ее беременность

Recall that the TV presenter first became a mother in the fall of 2016 – she had a son, Platon. Contrary to fashionable nowadays tendencies, birth Xenia was not at the border, and in the suburban hospital “Lapino”. Son Sobchak gave birth herself, but later confessed that she had to endure terrible pain, but it was worth it.

Ksenia Sobchak: “I gave birth to myself, and cursed everything in the world”

Many didn’t believe that the family of Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan expected completion, because once the woman openly said he hates children.

Just before the birth Ksenia was leading an active life – work, attending social events, doing sports. Moreover, Sobchak pretty quickly came to fine form after the birth of an heir. Now a young mother all free time small talking about and take great pleasure in talks about his future.

Коллега Ксении Собчак подтвердила ее беременность“Education is something that parents can definitely have a profound impact. Plato is not the only swimmer here, but learning English is already a year and a half. Bilingualist develops both hemispheres of the brain and broadens the mind. Already eyeing schools, after all it is necessary to decide in advance. Rublev pay expunged immediately, only the state and “no pull”,” – shared Ksenia in his microblog.