Colin Firth has applied for citizenship in Italy because of Brexit

Колин Ферт подал заявку на гражданство Италии из-за Brexit

British actor Colin Firth wants to live in the European Union. The celebrity has applied for Italian nationality because of Brexit – the exit of Britain from the Union. Thus man wishes to obtain dual citizenship as his wife and children.

56-year-old actor, in the films “Pride and prejudice”, “Bridget Jones’s Diary” and others, married to the Italian Director Goodgolly Libya during the last twenty years and brings with her two children.
Recall that the referendum on the membership of UK to the EU or to leave it took place on 23 June last year, and more than half of Britons voted for the last option. Prime Minister David Cameron after announcement of the voting results, resigned and was replaced by Theresa may. In March this year launched the startup procedure of exit from the EU.
Colin Firth believes the move of their government and fellow citizens a big mistake. At the same time, many celebrities openly supported the Brexit. One of them – the former drummer of the Beatles Ringo Starr. His choice he justified by the fact that the UK was in conjunction with the countries who want to solve their problems at the expense of others.