Colin Firth called “the stupid hero” in his career

Колин Ферт назвал «самого идиотского героя» в своей карьере
Oddly enough, the actor believes that of Mr. Darcy from “Pride and prejudice”.

Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. “Pride and prejudice”. 1995

Photo: OutNow

Creating unforgettable female images in religious paintings of Bridget Jones in “Pride and prejudice” by Jane Austen, Colin Firth admits that I never considered myself a sex symbol. “I don’t understand why I belong to this category — Heartbreakers, extenders hearts — in short, those who were born with the sole purpose of torturing unfortunate women. My face is so simple and nondescript that only the makeup and acting is able to give him various expressions that distinguish one character from another. And in recent years, make-up artists and hairdressers have to spend on me about two hours to give a decent, youthful, appearance. What to do? Very simple — never to treat himself too seriously. I — actor, in the end, and nothing more are not. And this business requires that we consciously willing fool of himself. If you look at some of the roles that I have played, they seem very strange… No, I don’t mean the infamous Mr. Darcy from “Pride and prejudice”! More idiotic character I play, perhaps, was not necessary, and I still don’t understand why the event made such a sensation among women. But I am terribly grateful to everyone who talked me into it — I flatly refused, because did not understand that it is possible to play. Jane Austen was a mistress to portray women, but the male characters she was somewhat wooden. At least, this is Fitzwilliam Darcy. In General, I resisted. And then I thought — maybe I should? In the absence of emotions and lies the conundrum? Anyway, the unknown would get my acting career continued, had it not been for Mr. Darcy. Fortunately, after graduating from the drama Centre in London I never sit without work. And I, unlike many of my colleagues and friends who have not experienced a horrible feeling of fear — whether than tomorrow to feed the children and support a family?”

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