Журнальные и приставные столики: как разместить

To make the room comfortable and give the interior finish to help small tables that must be present in the house. They are coffee and side.
First differ a certain massiveness and height at the level of the seats of sofas and chairs. For the second characteristic lightness and height to the armrests. What are the others where it is better to place?

Журнальные и приставные столики: как разместить

The features of the desks in the interiors of different styles

  • Modern. Here we need mainly the side model, and they are easy to move around the house. They are universal: one and the same object can be placed in the tea group during the reception, and then moved to the bedroom to use as a nightstand. Thus, for the apartment will be enough for 3-4 units of the same design. They can be both wooden and glass (the latter — with metal legs).
  • Classic. Here, each zone uses a table, at home they don’t move, so their total number more. Set and a coffee version, and ladders. For getting antique pieces of furniture decorated with carvings or inlays of different species of wood, velvet, leather.
  • In eclectic. Then a good solution would be a modern furniture antique item that will not only fulfill a practical function, but also serve as an art object.

It is not necessary to overload the interior, installing at every seat at the table and around the sofa and on two. It is better to place in the room, one coffee table and complement it with a pair of ladders.

5 areas that require the tables:

  • Living room. The sofa can be placed side or coffee option. Last better to select the contrast: if the sofa is bright, the Desk is dark, if the sofa laconic chopped form — a table with carvings. Also here is arranged a tea party: this will require a round table 40-50 cm in diameter and a couple of chairs.
  • Office. There is useful “console” to the desktop: it is convenient to put the bag to put the documents.
  • Bathroom. A small table will make the room more comfortable and will allow you to spend time here with great comfort.
  • Entrance hall. Here to place a small table on single carved leg — it is convenient to put keys, papers, bag.
  • Bedroom. In this room, designers recommend to replace bedside tables side tables. By the way, this role will suit an ordinary stool on four legs: he will make subtle asymmetry and enliven the atmosphere.
  • Tables can be invisible glass coasters or attention-grabbing antique knick-knacks, but in any case, they are practical and comfortable. Will certainly use these items because they bring variety to the environment, help to shape the furniture group and make life more comfortable.